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A Cup of Kindness
…for auld lang syne…
Steve Higgins aka 'Pragito'
Thandoy, Karmakanix, Guitar Fever, House of Thandoy…

21/05/1956 - 29/04/2014 Aged not quite 58 years

Invisible Music (download live recordings)
Adventures of Merlin the Cat audio books and t-shirts

Osho News (obit, with comments)
"At Home With Gizmo" [video, 24 minutes] - a film project Steve made with a homeless man. Only known showing was 07/05/2005 at The Loft, Crouch End, London. Many thanks to Steve Teers of Diva Pictures Ltd (video + TV production services), London, for uploading this.
live videos
Albion Fayres
HoT 20/02/2009 AUM
Can AM des Puig
Carmeta Mansilla
Best known as lead singer for the folk band Can AM des Puig on the Book of AM and Intxixu projects featuring Daevid Allen and Gilli Smyth. One of the great voices of folk music.

? - 27/03/2014

Will Z (Book of AM): English (homage)
In memoriam: IESsoller.com (Spanish)
Discography: Discogs.com
UK free festival musician, prolific photographer, and artist - one of the chroniclers of our times.

Jezaland Records: Last.fm | hbdirect
suze da blooz
Suze da Blooz
Here & Now vocalist, dancer

11/02/1950 - 19/08/2007

biography · photos · further photos · Jezaland gallery photos · remembrances · farewell gathering

Pip Pyle
Drummer, lyricist

04/04/1950 - 28/08/2006

obituary · tributes

Pierre Moerlen
Drums and percussion

23/10/1952 - 03/05/2005

obituary · tributes

Lady June
Poet, painter, performer, lecturer, landlady, eccentric, …

03/06/1931 - 07/06/1999

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