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updated Fri 11 Apr 2014
…soon popping out of the pipeline…?
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I See You
New studio album (CD) - Mixing in progress

Release date 1st September

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Clearlight Symphony
Impressionist Symphony
New Studio album (CD) - Out now

Cyrille Verdeaux inspired by impressionist painters - with Steve Hillage and Didier Malherbe guesting.

cover art
In Concert 1992
New live album (2CD) - Layout/design stage -

Pip Pyle, Didier Malherbe, Graham Clark, Shamayal Matria, Keith the Bass and daevid d'allen - What a band, what a tour, what a gig, what an album (fingers crossed)...

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Kangaroo Moon
New studio album (CD) - Recording in progress -

You just can't tie a good Kangaroo down... ep taster...

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Blue Midnight
New studio album (CD) - Recording in progress -

Grant Showbiz, Kangaroo Moon's Elliet Mackrell and the Midnighteers


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