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updated 20 Apr 2010
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One Who Whispers (CD) real audio mp3

Theo Travis' intelligently 'ambient' duo with Daevid Allen guesting on glissando guitar. [more…]

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Gilli Smyth
It's All a Dream (CD) listen in mp3

Electro-ambient with Daevid and Orlando Allen guestiing throughout. [more…]

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Daevid Allen & Harry Williamson
22 Meanings (CD)

Available as a Planet Gong download An ocean of Gliss guitar, from which emerge small sections of dub, free-form jazz and just pure 'strange'.

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Natural Progression
Bubbled up on Dub v.1 (CD) listen in mp3

Totally uplifting yet solidly earthed psychedelic dub From Gong's Steffe, plus Arkology, Doof and the Herb, all masters of the genre. [more…]

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Gig-Na-Gig (CD)

Clean, bright uplifting psychedelic techno. May yet be available from Seventh Wave Music

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Sprinkling of Clouds (12-inch vinyl)

(Sorry, currently unavailable.)

Gong remixes. Limited pressing. The Orb, System 7, Mad Stof (full length edit) and Ken Ishi (not on the You Remixed (CD). more...

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Even As We (CD) listen in mp3

Steffe and Gilli Smyth's luscious 'ambient-with-beats' masterpiece. more...

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You Remixed (2CD)

Gong's classic 'You' album, remixed ...by the Orb, System 7, Total Eclipse, Steffe, Doof, Astralasia, Shamen, Graham Massey, Moodswings, more. Two hours of prime cosmic techno. more...


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