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Don Falcone + Spirits Burning
updated 22 Oct 2010
Don Falcone, et al.
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cover art disc artwork daevid allen & Don Falcone
Glissando Grooves (CD)
BMO12 - Limited release (1000). Daevid glisses into infinity… Wonderful. Elegant West coast grooves featuring daevid's gliss guitar with the Spirits Burning crew. Should have been a main album. more…

cover art daevid allen
Weird Biscuit Teatime (CD)
A 'darker grandeur' with a rocking 'Brainville edge'… and Daevid Allen on guitar and vocals. More…

cover art Fireclan
Sunrise to Sunset (2 CD)

(Sorry, no longer available.)

A sort of 'Rainbow Dome Music' meets 'Stroking the Tail of the Bird', constructed on an eclective percussive platform, with Daevid Allen's glissando guitar on two tracks. A Don Falcone production. More…

cover art Spirits Burning
Reflections in a Radio Shower

(Sorry, currently unavailable.)

Strong alien presence on huge collective 'soundscape'. Strange, intriguing, entertaining, unique and eclectic. A Don Falcone production. More…

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