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University of Errors
updated Mon 19 Oct 2015
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'Go forth and errorise…'
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cover art disc artwork University of Errors
Live at the Glastonbury Assembly Rooms 2008.05.30 (DVD) listen in
Did this really happen? I think it did. Wonderfully evocative [more…]

cover art disc artwork University of Errors
Play the Soft Machine (DVD)
Wonderful performance from the Errors in Amsterdam in 2006. Deeply impressive. more…

cover art disc artwork University of Errors
Live at the Fleece (CD)
Bristol, England - 6 June 2003 Back in stock, limited number available. The Errors live - nothing quite like it. more…

cover art University of Errors
Jet Propelled Photograph (CD) listen in mp3
Soft Machine demos, bang up to date and magnificently 'Errorized'. more…

cover art University of Errors
Ugly Music for Monica (CD) listen in mp3
The joyous noise of four rocker's last remaining screws coming loose. more…

cover art University of Errors
e²x10=tenure (CD) listen in mp3
The second joyously, paradigm-challenging album from the cutting edge, new-psychedelic, Camembert Electrique-like, personal agit-prop, guitar-strangling, San Francisco-based band destined to rule it's own piece of cheese and give free purple-fur homburgs to the world in the fullness of time. more…

cover art University of Errors
Money Doesn't Make It listen in mp3

Sorry - Out of print. (Try e-Bay, GEMM, etc.)

A jewel in the 'New York Gong'-styled crown; the truculent teenager of the Gong family, all wild psychedelic guitar, attitude and jive talk. more…

cover art disc artwork University of Errors
Live in Chicago (CD) listen in mp3

(Sorry, all gone.)

BMO5 - Limited release (1000). Powerful live versions of 1st University of Errors album with some Daevid/Gong tracks. A more mainstream release for the electric guitar feast of live set previously only available at University of Errors gigs and briefly in the Kasbah as the band produced 'Go Forth and Errorize' CD-R. more…

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