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Steve Hillage
Rebellious Jukebox (print interview - free download)
Melody Maker 27 Mar 1993

'Records That Changed My Life' …One dozen, hand-picked gems with commentary and photos. Full page, scanned in two passes - digitally stitched together.


Steve Hillage
2032 (interview) - listen in mp3
Resonance FM : 'Naked Short Club'
14 Sep 2009 interview by Dr Stu
[41'57] MP3 60.4 MB, 44100 Hz, 16-bit, 192 kbps joint stereo

'Squeezing Sponges Over Policeman's Heads...' Interspersed with snippets of music... Steve touches on playing, producing, raving and re-forming Gong. 'This show has been edited for content and to run in the time allotted, and formatted to fit your ears'... (originally 60 minutes).

daevid allen
Mistake Club Cleveland, USA - listen in mp3

Divided Alien Clockwork Band tour. Gong History 101: 53'48" - 1980 performance/lecture with audio 'illustrations'*... In which Daevid touches upon: What Gong Was (and wasn't) All About. The Switch Doctor. The Power Vision. The Soft Machine. Radio Gnome. Gong Cosmologistix. The Trilogy. Floating Anarchy. The Invisible Church of YOU. Zero the Hero. T Being. Fred the Fish. Banana Ananda. The Invisible Opera Company of Tibet. Flying Teapots. Octave Doctors. Dope. *The entire enCoded Glossary performance is interspersed - 'illustrated', or rather 'illuminated', if you will - with excerpts from radio interviews, studio recordings and live concerts.

daevid allen
WKSU Cleveland, USA - listen in mp3

1980 half hour radio Q and A session recorded by Jeff Wootton. Taped in a discarded bean tin beside a busy airport runway, on a hot summer day in a city famed for having its river repeatedly catch fire, Daevid goes on about gamelan, history, drugs, ritual, comparative religion, mysticism, cult super-stardom, Charlie Records, what he is and isn't doing, with and to whom, where and why.

daevid allen + gilli smyth
WKSU Cleveland, USA - listen in mp3

1979 radio Q and A session [73'13] - [more…]


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