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Soundcheck Preserves listen in 🔊
Before the doors open…
daevid allen + harry williamson
22 meanings listen in 🔉
The Art of Glissando Guitar, volume 1
daevid allen
7 drones listen in 🔊
Totally glissed out…
Camembert Eclectique listen in 🔊
From the cutting room floor…
Vieille Grille - Paris, 1968 listen in 🔉
Probably the first Gong recording ever made…
cover art
Various Artists

Round up the usual suspects... Daevid Allen, Gilli Smyth, Harry Williamson, Thom the World Poet, Russel Hibbs, Invisible Opera Company of Tibet (Oz), Silly Symphony. more info…

Chris James
Battle of the Beanfield listen in 🔊
Stonehenge, Saturday the 1st of June, 1985… The day the UK free festivals died. (Or rather were bludgeoned to death.) A Musical.

Invisible Opera Company of Tibet (UK)
I Am a Witch / Isle of Everywhere [12'59]
…featuring Gilli Smyth. Quite a decent audience recording of a performance from the Wise Crone Café, Glastonbury Festival, 1993, courtesy of Brian Abbott

Visitation Arena
Secret Garden [5'25] listen in 🔉
Free and fabulous dub/electronica, with love & light, from Steffe Lewry and Cheryl Newsam. Visit them at SoundCloud, SoundAwesome, and mySpace.

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