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Soundcheck Preserves - listen in mp3

Before the doors open...

daevid allen + harry williamson
22 meanings - listen in

The Art of Glissando Guitar, volume 1

daevid allen
7 drones - listen in

Totally glissed out...

Camembert Eclectique - listen in mp3

From the cutting room floor...

Vieille Grille - Paris, 1968 - listen in mp3

Probably the first Gong recording ever made…

Chris James
Battle of the Beanfield - listen in mp3

Stonehenge, Saturday the 1st of June, 1985… The day the UK free festivals died. (Or rather were bludgeoned to death.) A Musical.


Invisible Opera Company of Tibet (UK)
I Am a Witch / Isle of Everywhere [12'59]

…featuring Gilli Smyth. Quite a decent audience recording of a performance from the Wise Crone Café, Glastonbury Festival, 1993. BrianAbbott.info


Visitation Arena
Secret Garden [5'25] - listen in mp3

Free and fabulous dub/electronica, with love & light, from Steffe Lewry and Cheryl Newsam. Visit them at SoundCloud, SoundAwesome, and mySpace.


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