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  GAS Network
Sites and businesses of some GAS members

Festival Folk
photographic celebrations of Fairport's Cropredy Festival - proceeds to the Teenage Cancer Trust

Luc Pilmeyer
Photos, animated Gong gifs and more by the University of Errors and Gilli Smyth webmaster (English | French)

Marc Ingrand
Artist/Illustrator - Did the cover for Bubbled Up on DubmySpace.com/markoji

Psychedelic Art
Robbie's online fluoro blacklight poster shop, festival photos, etc.
Analogue Systems
Vintage modular synthesisers - home of the RS Integrator

Thomas Anfield
Painter and performance artist. (Sock monkeys rule!)
Walter Monnen and Michele Leonor - cosmic, electronic, oniric, symphonic, romantic, …

4 Zero Records
new label by long time Gong supporter - Here ∓ Now, Earthling Society, Mushroom

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