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third-eye candy

Pot Head Pixels (Picasa)
Our very own gallery of still photo albums.

Piskielated (Picasa)
Anyone may contribute images by e-mail to

Arnold PHP PL
PicasaWeb - Gong, Brainville, unCon, Guru & Zero, University of Errors, Here & Now, Magick Brothers, and more…

Christophe Charpenel FR
BlogSpot : 'Vu du Jazz' + many more - Fine Art photos for a Musical Mind

Festival Folk GB
photographic celebrations of Fairport's Cropredy Festival - proceeds to the Teenage Cancer Trust

Public group: 'Planet Gong'; open to view, free to join, members can contribute - stills, video, illustration, animation… (nowt to to do with us).

Jan Delyth USA
Keltic Designs
Jeza RIP
photographer, musician: Jezaland: Gong, Here & Now, Zorch and free festival photo galleries

Luc Pilmeyer FR
Photos, animated Gong gifs and more by the University of Errors, Gilli Smyth, and Didier Malherbe webmaster (English | French)

Marc Ingrand FR
Artist/Illustrator - Did the cover for Bubbled Up on DubmySpace.com/markoji

Matt Howarth [comic book illustrator/writer]
Perhaps best known as the writer/artist of the 'Those Annoying Post Bros.' comic book series, in 1979, Matt collaborated with Gong's Daevid Allen on a short comic strip which was published in the Planet Gong Newspaper, a free giveaway in conjunction with Gong's debut USA Tour.

Paul Misso
Glastonbury '71 photographs

Psychedelic Art
Robbie's online fluoro blacklight poster shop, festival photos, etc.

Tash aka Alan Lodge
activist/photographer: 'One Eye on the Road'… Flickr, Facebook, (old web site here)

Thomas Anfield CA
Vancouver-based painter, performance artist, art instructor. Last seen at Uncon 2006.

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