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  Inner Circle - Artists
'Family' members, collaborators
updated Mon 20 Feb 2012

Ant Bee
Musician, writer and all round good egg.

Basil Brooks UK
Analog synths and waving arms: Zorch

Brian 'Zero' Abbott UK
guitar: Invisible Opera Company of Tibet (UK), Witch, Global, Riven and more…

Christian Boulé F

Cyrille Verdeaux
Kundalini Opera

Fabio Golfetti BS
guitar: Invisible Opera Company of Tibet, Brazil; Violeta de Outono

François Peyratout FR
agent: Didier Malherbe, Anne Paceo, Leila Martial, Perrine Mansuy, and other jazz artists…

Craig 'Haggis' McFarlane UK
Highland pipes, Scottish small pipes, analogue synths, sequencers… Glasgow, Scotland; SoundCloud, YouTube, mySpace, Finest Talent Agency.

Harry Williamson AU
Tarka Music, Spring Studios : ex-Mother Gong multi-instrumentalist producer performer recordist composer inventor and man about Melbourne…

Hugh Hopper
bass moustaches

Jan Delyth USA
Keltic Designs

ex Here & Now mucker - director of the Portobello Film Festival, London

JPaulo Vivini F
Paracelse, Mother Gong, Book of AM, … listen out

Lady June

Loy Ehrlich
keyboards: Hadouk

Mark Robson UK
keyboards, vocals, whistles, didgeridoo… Kangaroo Moon, Here & Now, Magic Brothers.

Matt Ledgar AU
drums and percussion: Wild Marmalade, ex Kangaroo Moon, founder of Hybrid Percussion and inventor of the Percusso, a uniquely customisable combination tambourine and clave that is played with one hand. Marketing and distribution by Latin Percussion.

Rachid Taha F
long-time Steve Hillage associate

Rich Goodhart USA
Earth, Spiral, Water, Spirit.

Richard Sinclair UK
Gentleman guitarist

Robert Wyatt
Wilde Flowers, Soft Machine, Matching Mole, …

Steve Shehan
drums, percussion: Hadouk

Thom the World Poet
arch wordsmith and actovator - also on YouTube

Tim Hawthorne UK
guitar: invisible in-divisible made visible… sometimes… and The Archetypes.

Altered Walter Funk USA
Autostereoscopic and Volumetric artist, composer in Spatial Sonic Environments (and instrument inventor): Hologlyphics, Kwisp (Bananamoon Obscura no.13) - based in northern California.

Weed UK
Squatting archive; Grosvenor Road (roots of the Here & Now band), road protests, romanesque parapolitical philosphy, and so much more…

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