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  Eccentric Orbits - Artists
Close associates

Thomas Anfield
Vancouver-based graphic artist, one of two responsible for the tributes for Pip Pyle and Pierre Moerlen displayed at the Gong Family unConvention 2006 in Amsterdam

Andy Bole
guitar maestro

Arthur Brown
The Voice of Love

Boris and his Bolshie Balalaika
You ain't lived till you've experienced it

Don Falcone - Spirits Burning
CDs : Alien Injection (2010), Crazy Fluid (2008), Glissando Grooves (2006), Found in Nature (2006), Weird Biscuit Teatime (2005), Fireclan : Sunrise to Sunset (2004), Reflections in a Radio Shower (2002).

Fred Frith
Who do you find when you go right out there?

Steve Higgins
Thandoy, KarmaKanix, House of Thandoy; Invisible Music; Pragito

Jwa (Joie) Hinton
Inverse Gravity Vehicle; ex Ozric Tentacles, ex Eat Static

Matt Ledgar
Drummer, founder of Hybrid Percussion, student of Greg Sheehan, member of Wild Marmalade and formerly (and still occasionally) of Kangaroo Moon

Gregg McKella
Space bubbles on debut Sentient album, 'Live at The Real Music Club, Brighton'. Vox/guitar/clarinet/gliss & wibbles Paradise 9/Plastic Sturgeons

Paul Misso
Glastonbury '71 photographs

Cyndee Lee Rule
Electric Violin

photographer, musician: Jezaland: Gong, Here & Now, Zorch and free festival photo galleries

Nik Turner
Hawkwind, Spynx, Inner City Unit, Hawkestra, Space Ritual, Nik Turner's All Stars, Galaktikos, etc…

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