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Favourite bands
updated Mon 21 Jun 2010

Acid Mothers Temple
The Tribe
Altered Native
One Love
Big City Orchestra
Unique, uniquer and uniqing… (all right - just odd)
'an aural shot of espresso'
CloudTea with a Chance of Golf Girl
Eat Static
Merv Pepler and Co.

Japanese girl band and fave Gong support (English/Japanese)

Musical pathfinders extrordinaire
Hatfield and the North
A well-feathered nest.

Inverse Gravity Vehicle
Jwa (Joie) Hinton (ex Eat Static, ex Ozric Tentacles) and Deborah Knights

The Yang to Gong's Yin?

Mandala Records
Artist-owned and operated - 'organic trance' - Space Goats, Star People and more…

Ozric Tentacles
Offsprung de Gong?
Seize The Day
Ultra-active activist band
Seventh Wave Music
Nigel Shaw, Carolyn Hillier, Riven, Global and more

Space Ritual
Marvelous musical space-chaos on many venerable legs

Violeta de Outono
Fabio Golfetti
Wizards of Twiddly
Twiddling on…

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