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Directions to the Bananamoon Observatory


reply to friends setting out to find daevid and gilli's old house in majorca…

Greetings friends, Lucky old you! I love Majorca and havent been there for ages! Here are instructions for tracking down the once "Bananamoon Observatory" where Good Morning and 'Now is the Happiest Time of Your Life were made.

So once in Palma you need to go to Deya (via Valdemossa where you might want to check out Chopin's place) and there in the middle of the village of Deya you will find a rapidly descending narrow road at right angles to the main thoroughfare thu town. This will be Calle es Clot and its a very pleasant stroll down to number 24 which is where Gilli and I lived with Tali & Orlando.

I believe it now belongs to an english poet though he may have sold it by now. If there is somebody there, they might just invite you in for a quick squizz, you never can tell. It's so long since we lived there (we left in 1979) that I am not sure if there is anyone left that knew us then. But if you have a coffee in what used to be Pedro's bar you may find somebody speaking english & ask them. Incidently I believe there is a postcard on sale which features the front of our old house as a typical Deya residence. See if you can find it!

I hope you have a lovely time in Majorca & if you run into Juan Graves (son of Robert) give him a big warm hello from Gilli Myself and Tali and Orlando.

I recommend you then continue on to Soller where you might enjoy another coffee down by the port or in the town square where the church & the bank compete for architectural superiority.

I wish I could come with you but right now I am in Byron Bay in Australia which ain't half bad also.

Best wishes to you both and warm healing vibes,

daevid allen