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What is a Connected Breathing session?

daevid allen

In a connected breathing session we are working with a breather on a mattress and a sitter. The breather lies down on their back in a relaxed manner. Loose clothing is required & jewelry removed. The sitter sits behind the head of the breather and holds the head of the breather gently between the hands.


The sitter's role is to be attentive to the breather, watching the breather's breathing rhythms and providing tissues if needed. If the breather moves about during their session the sitters makes sure the breather does not hurt themselves, perhaps using cushions. As a sitter, you are providing space and safety for the breather to have their full experience.


Bring a towel and spread it under their head. Lie down on the back with arms and legs uncrossed. For the first session the breather will be verbally guided into a relaxed state and given breathing instructions.

the breath

Connected breathing means to breathe in and out without ever holding your breath. The in-breath merges into the out-breath and the out-breath merges into the in-breath. You can breathe either through nose or mouth but do not interchange during one cycle of breath.

focus & attention

Focus yourself by looking into the light behind your eyes and by staying conscious in your breath. This means that you are aware that you are breathing and looking behind your eyes.

the session

A breathing session usually lasts for up to two hours. It has a beginning and an ending. The intensity slowly builds to a peak and subsides towards the end. During this cycle many different things that are unique to the breather may occur.

Subconscious material can be brought into consciousness and dealt with - which leaves the breather in a new state - to deal with life situations. The material can be anything pushed out of conscious memory because it was too painful or too dramatic to deal with, or come to terms with, or seemed impossible to accomplish in the past. 'Deal with' means to complete like a half-finished book to gain understanding/acceptance and to render forgiveness. Through this process a person becomes free to make new choices in life. Free means that subconscious motives are no longer the driving force behind our decision making. Therefore our life starts to take the direction that we consciously want and give it. As the old patterns of behaviour give way, new aspects of the person come to light. One's point of view originates on higher more objective levels of consciousness. These higher levels are accessed through the breath sessions and breathers may have a new experience of a spiritual nature. These experiences are the source of our vitality, wisdom, and inspiration. During this process of maturing by integrating our spirituality as a daily reality, we begin to manifest expanded qualities of love, joyfulness and tranquillity in our lives and on the planet, and we may begin to recognise our life purpose.