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It's Debz!

daevid allen, January 2012

I believe that most art requires some level of ambiguitea to work as art. But here are some clues.

I approached this piece as a multi-dimensional soul portrait which meant that I had to use my intuition to grasp for her inner essence without knowing Debz very well.

The astro helped in that it showed me a little of her personality and that she appears to have quite a lucky life. But mostly I spent hours pondering over her body language and little by little it revealed its inner being to me.

I was fascinated by her hands, large, graceful, capable and I used them holding in place a psychic shield over her plexus and sex chakras to symbolize her need to protect herself so to conserve her own personal secret magic.

Debz is standing on an image-crossover between a pair of lips in the act of kissing and/or a dolphin symbolizing deep oceanic (unconscious) links.

Her head is slightly tilted to the right and there is a fine channel of polar light shooting vertically up, sustained by the owl of understanding and ultimately crowned by the teapot of transformation. A dancing self holds to the polaritea.

In the background and below, various shadow selves, daemons and protective pixilates flit about nourished by her kind heartedness and compassion for those around her.

A supportive time sphere from the mother planet provides insight (and visual tension top right) while a circle of urban shaman festival goers spin out while chanting <om mani padme hum> bottom left.

These are simply clues to the total meaning but the overall effect is now up to you and the relationship you strike up with the drawing.

I believe you must be free to discover what this means to you by dissolving any remaining ambiguities yourself through contemplation of the drawing over time.