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Encounters with Witches as Objects! · How Old Am I? · Turn me on - Not around ·

Daevid Allen's Absurdist Rock

Bandcap Daily Lifetime Achievement - John Morrison

book cover

daevid allen and the magick brothers meet Poisoned Electric Head

Brian Carney, 1992 - includes an extract from Brian's book, Take Your Protein Pills

Pink Floyd e la Scena di Canterbury

Daevid Allen e Syd Barrett: Il "Glissando" dei Gong : Pochi sanno che, per sua stessa ammissione, il glissando è una tecnica che Allen ha visto e appreso proprio da Syd Barrett. - Anto Saluzzi, Alla Ricerca del Vinile Perfetto

Writers at Rails

a poet walks into a bar… naked cyclists surround the bar …daevid allen 2010-03-07 | The Byron Shire Echo pdf

Daevid Allen: The Gong Father

'As the brain behind Gong and Soft Machine, Daevid Allen crafted some of the world's most pioneering space-rock.' - Neil Erik, Dazed & Confused (contains traces of Graham Massey)

Great Gorganzolas!

daevid allen 2005-07-01

Death Ritual : Endgame One

daevid allen 2005-04

It was a dark and stormy night…

daevid allen 2005-01

Acidmothers Gong : Japan Tour

daevid allen & Gilli Smyth 2004-04


daevid allen 2004-01-23

7 Graces of Gong

daevid allen 2003-04-19

Bananamoon Observatory

daevid allen 2003-03

connected breathing

daevid allen

rebirthing workshops handout : text | pdf

Eat Me, Baby, I'm a Jellybean

daevid allen 1998-10-15 CD liner notes

Alien Diaries

part 1 : New York to Australia, and beyond… 1998-10 | part 2 1998-10 (prequel)

Paris 1968

daevid allen & Gilli Smyth Lismore University 1998?-05-09

pothead pixie

Mongol Review

The Remarkable Story of the Pot Head Pixies… daevid allen 1966 [deep background]