planet gong archives

endgame one : death ritual

daevid allen

where conscious self sacrifice is undertaken to let go of what I have to achieve something I have only dreamed.

purpose :

  1. to take the selfish melodrama out of death & celebrate the soul's release.
  2. to deconstruct the stereotype of purrfect cosmetic teenage beauty.
  3. to birth the notion that old bodies have their own beauty.
  4. to find inventive & obvious ways of embarrassing oneself thru art.

focus :


  • max wilcox guitarism & altitude
  • kavi samut extratexturalism & angel anchors
  • misbah freesong & alarming passions
  • dada alien (daevid allen) glissandi madamentoro & dead body
the ritual
  • dada: I saw myself dead & wished to design my own dying. I wished to hear my life & all its singing rush right past me. I wished to be washed & demagnetized, sung free & purified, cleansed & scented by scattered petals.
  • Then I wished to be loudly & simultaneously praised & cursed for my helpings & hinderings.
  • Then I wished to be given to the deepest well of highest consciousness for seven minutes.

Finally I should be given a last chance to return to the cell of the brain by one of three means:

  1. successful sexual stimulation.
  2. spectacular combinations of herbs by medicine (wo) man
  3. uproarious group laughter

Should one of these three strategies raise me to interaction then I shall rise again.
Otherwise I'm dead man, you can turn off the quarter inch tape.

Should I revive, I am free to clothe myself as a paradox
& symbolize the two opposing elements of my reborn self.

Once demonstrated thus, the new self is free to begin.