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Gong Myth

daevid allen

The spirit guides behind the Gong reality are code named Pot Head Pixies (Wot? head pixies) and originally introduced themselves in figurative ink via an alien hash pipe full of visible dreams. They originated on a luminous green planet situated in super-space (black holes) and travelled in space craft resembling tea pots, landing for first time on Planet Earth in Easter 1966 coinciding with the alien's gong power vision… They proceeded to establish H.Q. in remote himalyan region of Tibet masterminded by Gong Guru coded Octave Doctor using telepathic radio emissions coded Radio Gnome Invisible. In 1973 at the start of the Gong band mk IV epoch the alien was granted a new vision of a three part literary trilogy parable allegory new world teaching.

The main character was to be called ZERO and the structure, plot was to be revealed via music in a sequence of three LPs channelled by current Gong musicians. This work was undertaken and the three LPs were called Radio Gnome pI FLYING TEAPOT pII ANGELS EGG pIII YOU. After the third LP of the troligoy was completed there was an anti literary music rebellion amongst the musicians and this, combined with the new teaching instructions on the redundancy of drugs as useful tools for Gong works, caused the alien to return to banana moon observatory where the enormity of the work on the literary trilogy became rapidly apparent. For example … ZERO in the course of the first LP finds himself in a NUCLEAR MYSTERY TEMPLE where he must undergo seven initiations before he can be HIGH enough to visit the planet gong.