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Invisible Opera Company of Tibet, UK

September 1992 - September 1993 : Brian Abbott, Jim Peters, Tim Hall, Steve Hickeson, Nikki Millitz. Formed from a bunch of UK Gong-o-philes who met around Daevid Allen's Zero initiation workshops, at Brian Abbott's instigation. Live / Studio 1993
September 1993 - November 1994 : Brian Abbott?, guitar+vocals Jim Peters, keys+vocals Tim Hall?, bass+vocals Steve Hickeson, drums Ali Young, vocals+dance Toured the UK in the spring of 1994 supporting Daevid Allen / Russell Hibbs solo shows, and opened up for the Gong 25th birthday party at the Forum in London. Jewel in the Lotus, Totally Bananas Live
November 1994 - June 1996 : Indivisible Co-Operanet Band : Brian Abbott, Jim Peters, Tim Hall, Charlie Miller (Whole Soul Connection), Jacki Juno
June 1996 - June 1997 (ad hoc jam band interregnum) : Jim Peters, Tim Hall, Alan Bertrand, John Picton, Greg Shepherd, Ruth Edgell, Moses Kingsbury, Feliks Tabis, Graeme Walker, Stella Blue, Poc, Sally Pullunger, Lydia Lite, Tanjy Wilson, Roger Andre (dj), Willow Seeger
June 1997 - December 1998 : Jim Peters, Tim Hall, Nick Harrison, Maya Preece, Maryjane Preece, Ruth Edgell (ex Tragic Roundabout, Spacegoats), Brian Gulland (ex Gryphon, New Scorpion Band), Feliks Tabis, Steve Poitier (ex Heathens All), Sheena Johnstone (ex Silver on the Tree)
1999 - ? : Jim Peters, Tim Hall, Nick Harrison, Maya Preece, Brian Gulland, John E. Aris
2009 - ? : Brian Abbott Jacki Juno

Grunge Messiahs?

The musical and cultural millipede that is the Invisible Opera Company of Tibet (according to hippy mythology) was originally born in a Parisian café on Easter Sunday 1966, but that's only the beginning of the story…

It is said that they had been residing in a distant Himalayan retreat awaiting the arrival of alien intelligence from distant stars and planets (well, any intelligence at all for that matter).

Apart from the music, the band has always been loved for what they symbolise in lifestyle, political attitude and philosophical beliefs, rather than the personality, image or expression of any particular member. The cult of the "Star" has evolved into a Tribal identity or group consciousness, where the power rests in the hands of the people who are drawn to the music and what it symbolises.

Unlike most Experts who tend to take themselves and their subject in an orderly and sober manner, we are attempting to restore an important metaphysical balance - the Absurd in all human endeavours. Parapsychology has shown that the dialogue between the Central Nervous System and the DNA moulds all realities. Culture is the conversation between that genetic material and its environment. Surprise, absurdity and humour are old shamanic tricks to shock us into resonance with our DNA coding i.e. forcing us to be truly ourselves.

We have used this concept to bind together a group of flexible personnel chosen for their ability to channel a quality of music beyond their own normal capabilities. Performances have become ritual ceremonies for integrating group awareness through a wide range of acoustic and metaphysical technologies.

Through our music, we aim to channel the music of the spheres from the heart of the stars. The balancing of holophonic fractal Sound and the harmonic of each cell. We are turning the prayer wheel in order to manifest real change in the now. seeking to uplift, encourage, connect, wildly celebrate, dance and as otherworldly orchestras mingle in the moshpit, lend our hearts to the trance and not by chance.

Invisible Opera Company High Command, Universal Centre


The Psycho-Audible Warp Phenomenon known as the Invisible Opera Company of Tibet manifests itself in the form of Tantric Love Music, an evolutionary catalytic converter co-creating infusions of world groove, rooted deep in Heart Song; Mantric Funk; Shamanic Pop; Devotional Punk; Left - Field Acid Jazz; Eccentric English Folk and Skunk Rock.

We are a group of terrestrial humanoids from the south end of an island just off the corner of Europe. Toured with Daevid Allen of Gong and Russ Hibbs of the original Invisible Opera band; and have also done support slots for the Space Goats, Gong, Kangaroo Moon, Here & Now and Poisoned Electric Head as well as Headlining our own shows.

The Invisible Opera Company of Tibet recycles old fashion statements into deep lifestyle ecology, a combination of 70's kitsch and Millennium Madness. Presented with a skilful combination of haunting melodies, improbably touching lyrics; bassoon, bouzouki, bagpipes, tuba, vocals continental and breath taking use of close vocal harmonies.

Each member of the band is a singer / songwriter / composer in their own right. All these threads are combined to produce an amazing tapestry of musical styles and vocal weavings.

Plans for '99 included full length Studio Album - 'Open for Isness' currently being recorded and to be released later in the year -

The "Carols for Solstice" Tape which was recorded with Brian Gulland at Glastonbury Assembly Rooms last Solstice ('97) - and a pixie power package tour of europe with the Space Goats.

On a mission to melt humankind 
You have nothing to lose but your mind

Om Mani Padme Hum!

The story so far…

The Invisible Opera Company of Tibet first manifested as a musical outfit in 1986 in a banana shed somewhere in the Australian Rainforest under the leadership of Daevid Allen and Russell Hibbs. This first band spent a traumatic six months in the studio recording the Invisible Opera Company of Tibet's first album (eponymous), and a single, "Trial by Headline", before embarking on a tour dedicated to the Harmonic Convergence and Earthlink, which involved members of the nascent Kangaroo Moon.

Daevid split for the UK, forming the Invisible's "Goddess" manifestation, while Russell continued playing healing festivals with the Australian lineup. Meanwhile, Fabio Golfetti? and Nelson Coelho formed Opera Invisivel? (Versao Tropicale) independently in Brazil, with releases including gems such as Glissando Spirit(approve sites) (LP and cassette).

The flowering of Invisible Opera Bands in the UK, Australia and Brazil has created the possibility of a new kind of musical collective - an international umbrella group consisting of several bands, with shared or compatible songs and music, developing and promoting themselves simultaneously in different world centres.

Following on from the Brazillians' lead, Brian Abbott? (who had guested as an honorary goddess in the 1988 line-up) instigated an independent acid-punk manifestation of the Opera Company out of a bunch of people that had been involved in Daevid Allen's Zero Initiation workshops.

This band toured the UK supporting the Daevid Allen and Russell Hibbs solo shows, and opened up the Gong 25th Birthday Party at the Forum in London. They released Live/Studio '93 (CS),Live - Totally Bananas '94 (CS), and "Jewel in the Lotus"(approve sites) (CD).

Brian split to join Global?, and produce a solo album with Jacki Juno. Tim and Jim reformed the Invisibles, involving variously : Stevie P. (ex Heathens All, Yü, …Eat This), Maya (Heathens All), Maryjane, Nick Harrison (ex Fancabdu), Brian Gulland (ex Gryphon), and Feliks Tabis. This included an expansion of musical direction to include experimental forays into mellow funk and world folk grooves.

From: the invisible opera company of tibet Subject: To all members of this Being Everywhere… Date: 02/11/1998 02:30 GMT To: the indivisible co-operanet

It is NOW TIME to accellerate this process of co-creation upon which you have embarked of your own free will. The question we wish to pose is…how much trust are you prepared to place in beauty, how much faith in what truth you have re-membered so far…?

In order to create and manifest forms of beauty we operate through instruments who, like you, seek to realise their co-creative potential: when a circle comes together in love, with a group desire to create beauty for Universal 'good', then the synthesis of individual energies is astronomically multiplied and still further expanded due to their souls being joined in Work together

It is now time to dissolve the material 'limitations' of our musical conductors in solutions utilising all retrievable records of our 'past' inspirations for the purpose of effecting the manifestation of new musical evolutions of the Invisible Opera Company of Tibet… now and forever the centre of the Indivisible Co-Opera Net? known by many more than 108 names!

You have erstwhile enjoyed the beneficial effects of transfigurative magical musics: do continue to turn those prayer wheels on the Universal Juke-box-Knowing-All-Selections and be able to activate each one HOLOPHONICALLY

Also be reassured that now many progressions make possible more and more vehicles for the futherment of OMN Idirectional? PR Ogress?/cess

Instrumental Conductors are coalescing The Orchestra reassembles, resembling everything

how long, INVISIBLE?, neverever - how long, INDIVISIBLE? All ways-always

When the audients are in place the playing begins… synthonically, all can shift… the future may well be RAINBOW - you choose!