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Residu 2

The Mongol Review

Jonny Greene, 01/2014

Mongol Review | Residu

Although a couple of drawings of familiar seeming pointy headed beings can be spotted in daevid's 'Book of Chloroforms', drawn in 19??, the first publicly announced appearance of a Pot Head Pixie was in a piece in 'The Mongol Review', article '13 daevid allen', entitled, 'THE REMARKABLE STORY OF THE POT HEAD PIXIES O YES AS TOLD BY UNCLE TIM GENTLY HYMNSELF'. 'The Mongol Review' was a bonus magazine addition edited by John Esam attached inside back cover of the second edition of 'Residu', a literary magazine published by Daniel Richter/Trigram Press in London in 1966.

George Andrews

Small quarto, in illustrated wrappers. Printed letterpress on two paper stocks with foldout title sheet for 'The Mongol Review' (ed. John Esam). Contributors include William Burroughs ('Martin's Folly'), Gregory Corso, Harold Norse, Anselm Hollo, Jeff Nuttall, Gerard Malanga, Ruth Krauss, Asa Benveniste, others. Retail price of $1.75 or £0.12s.6d

contributions from Richter, Alexander Trocchi (the first chapter of The Long Book).

Residu 2 front cover
Residu 2 - Front cover
Residu 2 back cover
Residu 2 - Back cover

As recounted by daevid in 'Gong Dreaming 1 - Soft Machine 66-69', Gong was birthed on Easter Sunday 1966 - The Gong Power Vision. 'Residu 2' announces it was published in the 'Spring of 1966'

Mongol Review cover
Mongol Review - Cover
Mongol Review cover

The Gong connections do not stop with daevid's article. In 'The Mongol Review' there are two poems by 'Gillian Smyth' and an illustration by Phil Sheppard, who provided the artwork for the Charly Records' versions of of the Gong Trilogy.

Mongol Review cover
back cover

The print run of 'Residu 2' would not have been large and it is sought after by Burroughs collectors. They are consequently quite hard to find if you want one. However it is possible to find copies on the lists of specialist rare book sellers, and I have even spotted a copy on the ubiquitous e-bay. Today, January 2014, you should expect to pay between £40.00 to £80.00 for a good copy.