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Brian Carney
daevid allen and the magick brothers meet Poisoned Electric Head - 1992

including an extract from Brian's book, Take Your Protein Pills

University of Errors
New Faculties · 2011-05-19

"Per Errata Ad Astra" - by Adrian Stubbs

daevid allen
Writers at Rails · 2010-03-07

So, this poet walks into a bar… when a gang of naked cyclists surrounds the bar, and then the poet…

daevid allen
How Old Am I? · 2009??

When I was a lad…

So Far · 2008-01-11

Tales of the great unknown… by David Id

Gilli Smyth
Tertulia Poetry Festival · 2005-11

Deja de Mallorca

daevid allen
Great Gorganzolas! · 2005-07-01

Wake of the Flood

daevid allen
Death Ritual · 2005-04

Endgame One

daevid allen
It was a dark and stormy night… · 2005-01

Chin wags the doggerel.

Acidmothers Gong
Tour Japan · 2004-04

daevid allen and Gilli Smyth

Acidmothers Temple
Acidmotherhood · 2004-01-23

daevid allen

daevid allen
7 Graces of Gong · 2003-04-19

Multiple musings

daevid allen
Bananamoon Observatory · 2003-03

How to get there.

Monty Oxymoron
Self Initiation · 2001

Memories, dreams, …

Gilli Smyth
Another Day with the Bulldozers · 1998-11

Wetland Preservation

daevid allen
Eat Me, Baby, I'm a Jellybean · 1998-10-15

CD liner notes.

daevid allen
Alien Diaries, 2 · 1998-10

The prequel.

daevid allen
Alien Diaries, 1 · 1998-10

New York to Australia, and beyond 

daevid allen & Gilli Smyth
Lismore University · 1998?-05-09

Paris, 1968 retrospective.

Gilli Smyth
Missing Women ·

Where are they?

Gilli Smyth
Quantum Relationships · 1995

6 impossible things before breakfast

Gilli Smyth
Women in Gong · 1995

(Why so few?)

Gilli Smyth
Mothergong Manifesto · 1991

Big bills, small change.

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