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Silver on the Tree

Oshia Drury (Wild Women, Avalonian Free State Choir), Dreow Benne, Lydia Lite (Wild Women, Avalonian Free State Choir, Daevid Allen, Nigel Mazlyn Jones and Court of Miracles (John Cartwright and Jaki Whitren)), Shiona Phillips, Tim Hall (aka Tim Hawthorn), Joie Hinton (Eat Static), Kenwyn House (Reef), Viv (Avalonian Free State Choir), Sheena Johnstone (Invisible Opera Company of Tibet UK, Avalonian Free State Choir)
Tanjy, Jim, Feliks, Sally
Eye of the Aeon 'homespun Celtic folk, chants, ballads and Avalonian accappella from today's Glastonbury troubadours.', Mystic Spiral 'gossamer webbed jewels and delicious harmonies inspired by some of this land's oldest archetypes', Morning Glory (produced by daevid allen) 'a prayer for the restoration of the Goddess to her rightful place, in true balance with the divine male principle, so that we may dance our dreams awake in the wild open spaces in between...' [bazaar]

Avalonian acapella and gossamer-webbed harmonies to dance the dreaming Earth Awake...

Began in 1987 with a collective of musicians brought together to provide the soundtrack for some of Glastonbury's famous community Mystery Plays, in collaboration with local feminist author and playwright Kathy Jones. The name alludes to the Silver Branch that was the ancient bardic staff of office. Through our music we aim to reconnect with our spiritual heritage, honour the ancient archetypes of this land and the inspiration of traditional Celtic forms of music and poetry, heal our alignment with this beautiful planet through music and dance, to balance Male and Female, Earth and Heaven, Sun and Moon, Spirit and Matter."

The essence of our music comes from sharing chants, the carols and songs around the hearth-fire, which laid the foundations for Silver on the Tree's trademark close vocal harmony arrangements. This is underpinned by Lydia's unique shamanic understanding of mother drum trance dance rhythms. In recent years we have been making increasing use of instrumental textures, augmenting the acoustic guitar with Appalachian dulcimer, mandolin, mediaeval pipes and recorders, Celtic harp, violin and 'cello on occasions.

Our music is dedicated to the spirit of the land, our ancient heritage which is the inspiration.

To All Our Relations, Blessed Be.