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Here & Now
Original year of issue, label and format are listed.
year title label
1978 Live Floating Anarchy '77 (Planet Gong) Charly LP (Charly CD) (Spalax CD)
1978 Opium For The People (Planet Gong) Charly 7"
1978 Give and Take Charly LP (Tin Toy CD)
1978 All Over the Show Charly LP
1978 Dog in Hell Charly 7" EP
1978 What You See Is What You Are (Here & Now/ATV) Deptford Fun City LP (one side each)
1979 End of the Beginning Charly 7"
1980 Fantasy Shift Chick LP
1982 Theatre Land LP
1986 Been & Gone Cold Harbour LP
1987 Standing Forever Scratch 12-inch EP
1995 UFOasis Nowhere CD
1999 Gospel of Free GAS CD