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Mother Gong
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year title label
1998 The Best Of Mother Gong Blueprint CD
1994 Tree in Fish Tapestry CD
1993 She Made The World Voiceprint CD
1992 Live 1991 Mothermusic CD
1991 Eye Voiceprint CD
1991 Wild Child Demi Monde LP/CD (Spalax CD)
1978 Fairy Tales Charly LP (Spalax CD)
1991 Owl and the Tree/daevid allen Demi Monde LP/CD (Voiceprint CD)
1986 Robot Woman 3 Shanghai LP
1982 Robot Woman 2 Shanghai LP
1981 Robot Woman Shanghai LP

year title label
1989 The History and The Mystery Of Planet G**g Demi Monde 2LP (Spalax CD) (Voiceprint CD)