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University of Errors

daevid allen with Darrell Jonsson, 04/2003 via email

How does the University of Errors differ from your other current & previous projects?

It is a psychedelik rock n roll band out of the impro rock tradition of SFO and we don't take ourselves so seriously as for example the prog rock players do. We have a lotta fun. Guitarist Josh Pollock is the player to watch. He is HOT. It reminds me sometimes of the very first SOFT MACHINE band before the jazzers took over. Its dancey, dissonant & politically hard core. It is the shadow self of GONG. We play bent versions of POT HEAD PIXIES & STONED INNOCENT FRANKENSTEIN from gong & HOPE FOR HAPPINESS & Robert Wyatt's CAROLINE from early Soft Machine days.

What other artistic projects are you currently involved in?

  1. MY COLLECTED PERFORMANCE POEMS (in english) just out. I am better known in australia as a performance poet than a musician & this is my first real collection with many unusual images & illustrations.
  2. GURU & ZERO (trio). Here I play & sing with KAWABATA MAKOTO guit textures & COTTON CASINO vocal & synthesizer from ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE (Japan). NEXT GIG: Canterbury Scene Festival LES TRITONALS in Paris on 10 June.
  3. you'N'gong (8 musicians with opposing styles aged from 25 to 65). New generation of music under the name of gong formed Feb 03 touring late 03 or early 04. Radically different sound.
  4. LIVE DUO WITH THERAMINIST Nicoletta Steffanz. Nico is the best thereminista I have ever come across & we work unexpected magick together. 5. CLASSIC GONG 2003 AUTUMN TOUR. Booking agent: NIGEL MORTON
lots of otherthings see

Do any of your interests music, literature, history, spirituality… have any basis in the Czech Republic?

I have had several very fine Czech mates (joke) but true I really have in australia and also I have written the immortal lines:

I've been stoned before…
in the ha ha ha ha hague
or was it a morgue
O why am I so vaa-ague ?
I've been stoned before!

(from Camembert Electrique 1970)

So naturally enough I badly want to sing this song in PRAGUE! It is my mission.

What affinity (if any) do you feel towards the Czechlands?

It imagine it to be like a gothic middle european Ireland full of poets & avant garde thinkers & crazy wisdom. If I am right I will love it forever.

Have you performed before in the Czech Republic?

This is the first time & we come with caps cup & bowl in our hands.

Anything else you may want to say to your audience and potential audiences in the Czech republic?

Yes I want to say we feel the same as you so please come'n'talk to us. We want to meet you & talk.