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Classic Rock Magazine DE 2014-08-ish

Laabs Kowalski : Dear Daevid, Great new record! "Syllabub" is my favourite at the moment. Thank you for being so kind answering a few question for Classic Rock Germany.

Thanks Laabs. Yes, style wise, it has a little bit of everything. What do you think? Would it make a good single?
Now for your questions:

Where does music come from?

Some believe they create it themselves. Others pretend to own it. To me it appears to come from elsewhere… or as some quiet inner voice will usually remind me, from Planet Gong.

Why does music exist?

To connect our spirituality with our sensuality. "They who dance not know not what we know!"

What does GONG mean to yourself?

Something that continuously surprises me. It is a mystery that I choose to describe as a miracle. In the year 2032 we will see if I am right.

Which era of GONG was most important for you?

The present era is by far the most important because it is now. Gong is not so much a band as a community of bands and an even larger community of excellent musicians which renews itself organically when change is needed.

For example it was Gong horn player Theo Travis who approached our latest horn player Ian East because Theo was unable to fulfill certain dates only to find that Ian could play Oily Way faster than he could! Now Theo is with Soft machine and Stephen Wilson.

Mike Howlett was unable to continue on bass due to his academic commitments so Dave Sturt was recruited from the Bill Nelson band by Steve Hillage I think.

Fabio Golfetti in my opinion is both the best glissando guitar player I know and also a quality soloist and we have been friends since the early nineties when his band Violeta de Outono was huge in Brazil. I met Kavus Torabi at a radio interview on UK snooker champion and music lover Steve Davis's show and we connected immediately.

His guitar playing on this album is as spectacular as his composition: "When God shakes hands with the devil".

Orlando's time has been long in coming due to his commitments to his career as Producer in Australia but he is here now, and there is no greater thrill than to play with your own son.

Orlando was originally mentored by Pierre Moerlen.

Is there any artist that influenced YOU?

Too many to list here... but everyone who ever played in Gong for a start.

When did you decide now it's time for a new album of GONG?

When it was obvious to everyone in the band that it was.

thanks for the interview my friend.