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GTV magazine (undated)
childhood, Soft Machine, utopia, Planet Gong, prog rock, His Dark Materials, Flying Teapot, Angels Egg, You…

An Endlessly Evolving Parable
The Quietus : Emily Bick 2014-10-30

Classic Rock DE
Laabs Kowalski 2014

Eclipsed DE
Joe Asmodo 2014

Good Times DE
Michael Fuchs 2014

Kulturnews DE
Matthias Wagner 2014

Spiegel DE
Christoph Dallach 2014

Mess+Noise AUS
Nathan Roche

Blues Hall of Fame GR
Michael Limnios 2014-03

More Than Just The Notes
Josh Pollock : All About Jazz 17/01/2014

Gong interview with Daevid Allen
Psychedelic Baby Magazine

Now Is The Happiest Time Of Your Life
40 Putes CAT Tomeu Canyelles : part 1 | part 2 | part 3

Psychedelic Baby
Klemen Breznika

Going Thru Vinyl
with Malcolm Mortimore of Gentle Giant

Gong along
Gong renewal, leadership, collectivism, continuation…

It's All Greek to Me

Wellington House
2011-04 Canterbury, etc - when daevid met Robert Wyatt

Soft Machine
…Giorgio Gomelski - Richie Unterberger 2010?

The Scotsman
Aidan Smith

Room Thirteen

Greetings from Planet Gong
Fortean Times

George Jefferson: World's Biggest Gong Fan?
Magnet : Mitch Myers

Progsheet : John A Wilcox 2009

Space rockers reunite on Earth

'Gong were the psychedelic supergroup who wowed Glastonbury Fayre in 1971. Ahead of their Meltdown appearance, founder Daevid Allen tells Pierre Perrone how he survived the madness'… Independent

Myth & Reality
Darrell Jónsson 2007-05

Acid Mothers Temple
Johnson Cummings 2007-05

daevid allen entrevista
'Poucas coisas na vida valem mais a pena do que conversar com uma lenda. E poucas coisas podem ser mais chatas do que isso, especialmente quando essa pessoa está rancorosa demais, triste demais ou simplesmente não consegue exprimir mais nada.' - Fabio Golfetti, Mofo F

his penis & other topics
Tim Tam 2005-07

part 2
Filippo 2005-03

Udi Koomran 2005

Bananamoon Obscura
CD series revelations 2004-02

University of Errors
Darrell Jonsson 2003-04

Glastonbury Festival
BBC News World

Zero to Infinity
Lars Fahlin 2002

Flying Teapot
Mojo 2002-02

Classic Rock USA


Paris '68
The Latest, Brighton UK 2001-08

Acid Attack
The Foundry, Birmingham

Bournemouth Echo 2000-05

Las Historias del Planeta Gong
La Web Sense Nom web | pdf

Gnome again
contains traces of William Burroughs, comparative religion, Euterpe, tape loops, glissando guitar, and the albums 'Good Morning' and 'Mother'

Planeta 66
Jaime Gonzalo 200y?

daevid allen & steve hillage

Mark Bloch, with Kevin Ayers