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Pip Pyle
interview · 1999-04-13


Steve Davis & Kavus Torabi
'Can you spot which of us is the rock star?'
Guardian UK
'the odd couple of psychedelia' (may contain traces of controversial fashion statements) : Glastonbury Festival, The Utopia Strong, Medical Grade Music, …

2014-10-30 The Believer Three Questions for Kramer Rick Moody - question #1 : "I'm really interested in how you ended up playing in New York Gong and what that experience was like. Can you tell that story?" (contains traces of Giorgio Gomelsky, Bill Laswell, daevid allen, Fred Maher, Michael Beinhorn, Gilli Smythe, Yoshko Seffer), Stu Martin, Bill Bacon, Don Davis, and a yellow school bus)
Gong : Vapeur Mauve v5 [pdf 68.9 MB] free webzine

daevid allen
2014-10-30 The Quietus : An Endlessly Evolving Parable Emily Bick
2014 Classic Rock DE Laabs Kowalski
2014 Eclipsed DE Joe Asmodo
2014 Good Times DE Michael Fuchs
2014 Kulturnews DE Matthias Wagner
2014 Spiegel DE Christoph Dallach
2014-05-25 Mess+Noise AUS Nathan Roche
2014-03 Blues Hall of Fame GR Michael Limnios
Josh Pollock : More Than Just The Notes - All About Jazz 17/01/2014
Gong interview with Daevid Allen 2012-09-24 Psychedelic Baby Magazine
2012-10-01 40 Putes CAT Tomeu Canyelles
Now Is The Happiest Time Of Your Life : part 1 | part 2 | part 3
2012-09-24 Psychedelic Baby Klemen Breznika
2012-02-03 Going Thru Vinyl with Malcolm Mortimore of Gentle Giant
2011-11 It's All Greek to Me
2011-04 Canterbury, etc when daevid met Robert Wyatt
2010? Richie Unterberger re: Soft Machine, Giorgio Gomelski
2009-11-19 The Scotsman Aidan Smith
2009-11-16 Room Thirteen
2010-11-09 Las Historias del planeta Gong [la web sense nom]
2009-10-30 Fortean Times
2009 2032 [Progsheet] - John A Wilcox
2007-05 Myth & Reality - Darrell Jónsson
2007-05 Acid Mothers Temple - Johnson Cummings
2005 Japan Udi Koomran
2005-07 Tim Tam his penis + other topics
2005-03 part 2 Filippo
2004-02 Bananamoon Obscura CD series revelations
2003-04 University of Errors Darrell Jonsson
2002-06-25 BBC News World re: Glastonbury Festival
2002 Zero to Infinity Lars Fahlin
2002-02 Mojo 'Flying Teapot'
2001-09 Classic Rock USA
2001-09 Gong pre-tour-natural
2001-08 The Latest, Brighton, UK Paris '68
2000-11-27 The Foundry, Birmingham
2000-05 Bournemouth Echo
Las Historias del planeta Gong : entrevista a Daevid Allen
200X? Planeta 66 Jaime Gonzalo
1977-01-28 Vibraciones + PDF

daevid allen & steve hillage
1993-11-12 Panmodern Mark Bloch, with Kevin Ayers

Steve Hillage & Miquette Giraudy
2012 System 7 : DMC World
Steve Hillage : Vapeur Mauve v12 [pdf 23.4 MB] free webzine
2011-10-02 Miquette Giraudy interview : Sun Is Shining Dub n Chill [blog]
2010-04 Innerviews in-depth
2032 Searching for the Spark [Progsheet] - John A Wilcox

Gilli Smyth
2006 Mother Gong [Terrascope] - Darrell Jónsson
2032 Mother Gong [Progsheet] - John A Wilcox

Gong 2010-10 Record Collector [text preview]

Gilli Smyth 2010-09 Classic Rock

5770 Elul 10 interview University of Errors
Jerusalem Post
daevid allen

Harry Williamson 1997-12 Big Bang re: Anthony Phillips

Marc Blanc 1993 Je ne fume pas des bananes Bananamoon Band CD liner notes