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Children's Crusade


however much i hurt
i will not run away or hide
i wont take fright
i will not fight
i will hang in there
i will ride 

however drunk i get on fear 
or on the dark wines of rejection
its my chance to go for freedom 
from abandonment and blame
and i will rise above the pain
the shadow over us
that takes me back to die 
and live again for
all the hate and separation
between those of us who've loved 
and lost the game

but we can win
can stop that spinout
we can front the selfish wave
that wave that rises out of memory 
and  drowns in negativity
that love that once she felt for you
for me for she for everybody here
that stands up for the fight 
within yourself to be
the person that you'd love to be
free of jealousy
its born out of the wound of love