planet gong archives

Gilli Smyth

It's All A Dream

  1. I Am Invisible
  2. Mysterious Stranger
  3. Taliesin
  4. Brink of the Future
  5. Voices in Your Head
  6. Another World
  7. Breathe Light
  8. Water
  9. Goddess T and the Virgin Mary

See me
I am Invisible
You can't see me
But you always know I'm there
What's that singing in your ear?
Can you feel me right behind you?
Now I'm looking at your back
and you can feel my eyes glowing
you turn around, nothing there,
but you can feel me 
moving through the air

I caress you, 
but I never touch you
You jump - who am I? 
What is it? Are you crazy?
You twist and turn 
and dance a captive dance,
I dance behind you and beyond
feeling you, loving you
You don't know I'm there,
but the hairs on your back rise,
like those of wolves and bears.

I slowly draw your essence around me,
and go, go travelling far 
through the sparkling air,
Your essence trails behind me 
like a coloured cloak,
Way back to where you stand, 
so small, so far
Light years ago
We knew each other then
I take the coloured cloak 
and let it go.


Behind my face, 
behind the veil, 
behind your face I see 
The Beloved: 
it's you and yet not you.

So deep I yearn to see your face, 
yet I am looking at your face,
your voice calling, calling, 
yet it is not your voice I hear.

My Beloved is in my arms: 
yet I get up and walk away,
looking for the source of Love.

We love but long to be free, 
then long to love, 
and play our roles again.

This is so beautiful and yet,
whose eyes are you looking into,
whose mouth do you kiss?

Beautiful Stranger, 
that I mistook for love


I was nine months almost, 
in the belly of the hag Ceridwen.
I was at first little Gwion, 
at length, I am Taliesin,

I was with my lord, 
in the highest sphere when Lucifer fell, 
into the depths of hell.

I carried the banner before Alexander,

I know the names of the stars 
from the north to the south,
I was in the firmament 
with Mary Magdalene,
I obtained my information 
from the cauldron of Ceridwen,
I was bard of the harp 
to Deon of Llychlyn,
I have suffered hunger 
with the son of the Virgin,
I have been instructed 
in the whole system of the universe.

I shall be till the day of judgement 
on the face of the earth,
I have been in an uneasy chair above Caer Sidi 
and the whirling round without motion 
between their elements.

Is it not the wonder of the world 
that cannot be discovered?

(by Taliesin, circa 600 Current Era)


Roll up, roll up, 
ladies and gentlemen!

Here we are poised 
on the brink of the future, 
on the brink of the future.

These are the remnants 
of an ancient race 
called the human race.

These tapes were uncovered 
in the wreckage of the planet Earth.

Listen carefully 
and see if you can detect 
a trace of civilisation.

- Gilli Smyth

Voices in your head, 
speaking, saying 
Voice in your head, 
voices, voices 
Did you think we were crazy?
Who did you think we were?
Inter-dimensional beings 
live like ghosts in you 
Event Horizon, vent Horizon 
Streaming like seals 
through wormholes in space,
Whistle of asteroids passing by, 
music of solar wind.
Do you hear the voices, 
voices, voices?

Gilli Smyth

Do you carry alien information 
in your DNA and brain?
Do I?

Somewhere in other worlds we met, 
and meet again through centuries.
Was it Ursa minor, Orion, or Sirius B?

Ah, dormant memories of another place, 
from where we flew to earth, 
and could never go.
But one day, one day, one day 


Dying we can breathe light, 
as life rushes through the house,
stampeding elephants power, 
into a quiet moment.

Quiet fear,
feeding the open air rustling,
whispers of the plants of the garden,
Sleeping as we dig the hole 
dog you stand noble and awake,
A thousand points of light, 
just out of sight,
Fill your face as we turn 
blinking in our sleep 
for a few breaths,
and turning once more,
you slip beneath the silver 
skin of the lake 
running 'roo long 
into the free night 
at the distant milky warm light
humming peace as birdsong flies 
in to build the curling pathway 
white sunny walk to the water,
thin membrane of another world close

With love,
dear friend,
breathe light.

Gilli Smyth

Water, water, 
give me some water
slip molecules low deep and strong
blue miracle permeating everything,
rising in fine tubes,
bursting surface of the balloons
The deep currents are my limbs,
flow fishlike 
through my feeling hands,
molecules slip,
glide parting streams,
around my liquid being the skin
thin and inside more water,
water flows round endlessly,
give me some water


Oh The Virgin Mary 
would like you to note
that due to the overwhelming 
response to her previous 
appearances and communications,
She asked the Angel Gabriel 
to set up a website

Message board opinions 
especially welcome
Your voice will be heard
every voice counts
and no-one will be discounted

She will take every opinion 
into her own hands
and massage it gently 
before sending back.

Are you set up to get 
back to your visions?
Your voices please.