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Gilli Smyth


  1. I Am The Fool
  2. Back To The Womb
  3. Keep The Children Free
  4. Prostitute Poem
  5. O.K. Man, This Is Your World
  6. Taliesin

I am the fool, 
said the Fool,
I am the Queen, 
said the Queen,
I've been here before 
said the Change,
This is your life 
said the Dream.

And the wind goes wheee
And the Queen goes 'O dear',
And the man says 'I'm all alone'.

I am the boy, 
said the girl,
I am the girl, 
said the boy,
I am the pill, 
said the Church
And I am all there is, 
says the God.

And the Saint goes, 'Stick 'em up',
And the Devil goes, 'Ha,Ha,Ha',
And the man says 'I'm all alone'.

'I'm your lover, dear, 
says Lady Porno,
'I am the Law', 
says Desperado.
'I am the truth', 
says Mr. Politic,
'And I'm all this and more', 
says the music.

And the Police go, ra, ra, ra,
And the Ambulance goesWhooo,
And the man says 'I'm all alone'.


I'm sorry,
I'm really not having this,
it's disgraceful.

But Prime Minister,
I only said that next time around
I shall be a mother.

While you're interested
in these things
you'd better find out
how people buy yachts.
Did you ask him how
he was able to buy a yacht?
Do you like the sea?
Why do you ask
these questions anyway?

I'm a submarine Captain.

Very interesting
down there with the fishes
and the fishes and the shimmering

I'm a politician.
I'm a mother.
I'm the mother of everything
and you are my egg.

I'm Doctor Death.
I'm Doctor Doom.
I'm an old man.
I'm the Reverend Beverage.
I'm Icky Dicky Dip

I'm the wizard.
I'm the master.
I'm a sanitation engineer.

I'm a I'm a Queen,
I'm a Hell's Angel,
I'm Father Christmas,
I'm a boy,
I'm a rock star.

I'm a bib boy.
I'm a little boy.
I'm a baby.


I mean if women 
are going to be really free,
I think they should reject marriage
because marriage 
is the way they get hooked 
and they are in the power 
of the system: then the system 
can take away their children

All the people who say
Oh women have so much power
they don't need any more,
look they rule the world really
and women are free and strong
and they should stay in the home
and make their influence 
felt from there
because half the women in fact 
don't have homes
half the women are women
who have to go out in the world


It is night, it is not night
I am happy, I am not happy
I am sad, I am not sad
It's early, it's late
I walk, I stand still
I walk, I stand still
I look in shop windows, 
I have seen them all

Bonsoir monsieur, 
tu viens avec moi
come with me darling, 
it's not far, 
just round the corner.

You want it, don't you?
It's all the same to me
What do you want me to do?
I touch you, it's not easy
It's not like that 
I'll show you how
You are weighing me down
I am dyingI am sick of you

Je dois manger, 
n'importe quoi
I am hungry
I break off the corner of your mind 
and eat it
I am eating your mind
I am eating your body your body
Come here, I want your mind
You You come here come here
faire l'amour faire l'amour
oui non
come into my arms, 
I kiss your lips, you die
I want your body, 
I do not want your body, 
what does it matter?
goodbye, go away, 
it's night, it's day, 
it's over.


I want to be friends with men.
I want to work with men.
I like men.
But the question is, 
do men like women?

You are a man's man.
You like a bit of a drink
You like a good smoke.
You like to go out with the boys.
You are satisfied.
You don't want to be a woman 
because you don't want to be weak.
You are strong man 
I am weak woman.
You are heart throb 
I am hysterical bitch.
You are great guy 
I am stupid chick.
You are real man 
I am butch lesbian.
You are good looking 
I am horny slut.

(liar, liar, pants on fire)


Once upon a time,
a long time years years ago,
there was a witch called Caridwen.

She lived in a huge palace 
with marble halls
built on a rock 
in the middle of a lake.

In that palace with her 
lived a huge crow, an old nam,
and her son who was a monster.
But she didn't think so
and loved him dearly.

He was horrible,
and was always tormenting animals.
There was a little boy, too,
who was chained 
to a huge bubbling cauldron
in the middle 
of the largest marble hall.

The witch had come one night
and stolen him out of his bed 
in his parents house
and carried him to the palace
on the back of the back crow.

His name was Gwion 
and he was very very scared
She gave him a ladle
and made him stir the cauldron 
day and night,
and if he stopped she whipped him
or wouldn't give him any more dry bread.

In the cauldron was a spell of wisdom
to make her monster son more wise,
and it had to cook for a year and a day.

But on the very last day of the year,
Gwion splashed three drops 
of the burning liquid on his finger
and 'aieeee'he cried,
and put it in his mouth.

Then he had tasted the spell 
and the cauldron exploded,
exploded into thousands of pieces,
and it was Gwion who was suddenly wise.

He was so wise he could see everything,
he could even see the witch Caridwen
gathering herbs at the North Pole.

Suddenly she turned sharply towards him
with a terrible scream of rage.
'You have tasted the spell 
meant for my son', she cried.

Then she came flying, flying,
over the seas and the mountains,
the towns and the villages,
down down to chase him and catch him
and punish him for ever and ever

But he could now change into a bird
so he flew away up towards the sun,
but she changed into an eagle 
and flew after him
faster faster catch him up.

So he fell down through the sky 
into the river
and became a fish,
hiding among the weeds.

She became a fish, too,
and seam swam always after him,
but then he got tired,
and changed into a grain of corn
and hid in a sack,
but she changed into a chicken
and snap, snap, 
got in the sack and ate him up.

So now he was in her stomach,
and grew and grew into a baby
so that she would give birth to him.

And she did, 
but so that she could kill that baby.

'Now I can kill you' she cried
but what a beautiful baby,
she can't she can't
what will she do now?

So she put him in a old leather sack
and threw him into the river shrieking
'go away, go away, never look at me again'.

The sack floated quietly down the river
many many miles,
by trees, and houses, and big pools,
and then got caught up against a boat.

It was a poor man's boat,
he and his good wife were in despair,
because they had no food or money.

He went to the river to fish for supper,
he found the sack,
what a treasure,
what a beautiful baby,
his name was Taliesin

As soon as he took this golden baby home,
their fortunes changed,
and they had work and food.

The baby grew into a boy,
with beautiful clear face 
and strange green eyes,
but joyful and singing always,
such songs, 
all the people would listen 
and wouldn't move.

He won a contest at the court 
of the king against all the bards,
his song was light like birdsong
and the people were entranced.

Then he kissed the good man and wide
and went off through the world 
singing marvels,
at the court of the king,
through the countryside,
through the towns,
n castles and in cottages,
to everyone who would listen,
and his stories were like spell,
and all the people listening 
were spellbound.