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Goddess T

Electric Shiatsu

  1. It's A Strange Place Here
  2. Sugar Path
  3. Ali Baba

They have come to know that 
there are ten to the 49th power
number of universes 
in this very large universe.

some lines from Rumi
(12th century poet) 

Sugar Path honey vale
Smooth love

You are sunlight 
warming me through,
our souls are dancing 
with each other 
without feet they dance

Turning me and turning me 
like a water wheel,
Wandering this world 
is wandering that,
both inside one transparent sky

I dream you are here 
where are you?

Lovers think they are 
looking for each other,
but there is only one path


In the dead of the night 
Ali Baba came in
Like a thief in a jar 
Where? Where?
Hush hush hush 
the dark of the night
The thief is here.

Princess Princess hide your beauty
The thief in the night
Will steal your longing.

O songs of love 
and songs of desire
So deep, so much I yearn 
sang Ali Baba,
I long for your golden skin
that smells like cherries,
All your seven ethers 
magenta to blue.
Shades of colours, 
drifts of perfume,
And music of my soul, your voice,
Your voice shudders down my spine,
said Ali Baba.

Who are the dark thieves 
in the jars of oil,
They cannot steal 
your beauty or my longing.
And the night owl 
in the garden sings
'we are each other'.
You steal my love 
and I am gone for ever,
sang Ali Baba.