planet gong tribal



  1. Thoughts For Naught
  2. A PHP's Advice
  3. Master Builder
  4. Perfect Mystery
  5. The Isle Of Everywhere
  6. You Never Blow Yr Trip Forever

THOUGHTS FOR NAUGHT If you want to fly, if you want to become a star a superhero You could try the ascension of the great pyramid of life Counting again and again from one to nine Approaching and pushing away infinity O sweet absurdity! But if you prefer that old silly number zero You'll become a master of doing nothing, being nothing

A PHP'S ADVICE In case you don't remember, this is what you do Get up out of bed now If there's nothing left to Find the answer to here is Question number one If you're a believer, what do you believe? Why do you believe it? Doncha ever wonder If it's really true? Do you? Question number two Really that's the mystery Let a pothead pixie tell you what to do And this is what he'll tell you If you gotta problem to know who you are Hear now this is what you do Remember You are me I am you all of us together now go AUM

MASTER BUILDER I-A-O ZA-I ZA-O MA-I MA-O TA-I TA-O N-OW Q: Master Builder, tell me how you make a temple? A: Tools and moon stones, you don't really need them, you know Q: Master Builder, tell me what the temple's made of? A: Deep inside you, you can build an invisible temple in your own imagination if you will

PERFECT MYSTERY It's a perfect mystery how becomes a tree a tree but there's something telling me that nothing is for nothing is for nothing is for only one lifetime learning to be Cops at the door No cops at the door Cops at the door No cops at the door What a surprise! She looked in the cupboard and found the eyes in the suitcase On the Isle of Everywhere it becomes a man to share all and everything he cares for everyone is everybody else is slowly melting themselves together again Look up in the air The Octave Doctor's there! And when he strokes his gong Your middle eye comes on What a surprise! She looked around for Zero But he'd lost his eyes In a fruitcake

ISLE OF EVERYWHERE O spirit wind I love you hava a cuppa tea cuppa hubba dubba didn't you forget something roll another brother maybe you forgot someone a bit a'cake yum yum haven't you forgotten have another drink have a lager! wot did we forget let's see yea yea! Wot's the scene today? you know the Octave Doc when's he commin momma? wot's the time don't know WE better ask have another lager Where has everybody Gong! I hear the Gong! wait a minute man hey! We missed the Buzz Oh No!

YOU NEVER BLOW YR TRIP FOREVER Zero... Where are you? don't ya remember why you came to Everywhere The piece of mind that you came to find has disappeared for all that you could take was a piece of cake and wine and now you'll have to wait another time... maybe you're here for the giggle maybe you're into the puzzle maybe you're blowing the bubble maybe you're all in a muddle the more you know the more you know you don't know what you know stone's throw left to go bad weather hell for leather now and zen you goof again you never blow your trip forever earth mother soul brother be high here now third eye open soon meanwhile new world group soul lost and found underground next time round a real weird number is Zero the man because he a turnin' on round and round again they say he'll never make it but I think he can there's a hole in the morning It's the hole that he was born in now the old man's yawnin It's the world of illusions and Zero the Hero is up to his ears in the mysteries No solution to speak of round and round and round and round and round that's Zero going round again And maybe you come and maybe you're gone and maybe you're right and maybe you're wrong maybe you're a one and maybe you two and maybe you're free and dunno what for just as long as you're alive it's all the same it's all in the name it's all in the sky and it doesn't really matter if you make it so long as you try So it's back on the path beside the road to everywhere gonna jump my horses over the weeks to everywhere and with you we will share your sack of cares and if things don't change for better or worse well man you must be dead but cha don't have to give up hope and ya don't have to give up dope (until you do) and ya don't have to change your ways you just have to be what you are my friends, today that's what the Octave Doctor says So there goes Zero the Hero Turning on around the wheel of births and deaths And meanwhile the Octave Doctors and the Pot Head Pixies and all the other characters of the Planet Gong hafta to leave you now with a last little song Why don't you Why don't you try You are I or I am you You I am or I am you You am I or am I you You are Maya Ram are you You are my Hiram are you You am I or I am you You are Maya I am you You am I as I are you You are Maya's eye are you You are I or I am you