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Magenta | She Made The World

  1. Magenta
  2. Water
  3. She Made The World
  4. The Weather
  5. Malicious sausage
  6. Spirit Calling
  7. Tattered Jacket
  8. When the Show is Over
  9. I Am A Witch
Gilli Smyth

Water, water, 
give me some water
slip molecules low deep and strong
blue miracle permeating everything,
rising in fine tubes,
bursting surface of the balloons
The deep currents are my limbs,
flow fishlike 
through my feeling hands,
molecules slip,
glide parting streams,
around my liquid being the skin
thin and inside more water,
water flows round endlessly,
give me some water


She made the world
She is the great goddess
She made the world
The life force in trees and
the great rhythms of tides 
that follow her bleeding.

Once she was everywhere
men and women lived in her seasons
she loved where she would
unhindered by priests
robbing her blessings
What is she, mother goddess?
She is trees and seas and
rocks and fish and horses foaling
dogs whelping, hens laying
flowing into the bliss of ever leaf.

Father God roars
I am a jealous God, there
is no other God but me.
I will destroy my enemies
With rockets and missiles.
I will change the nature of birth
So that Eve can be born from Adam.
I will trample all female
things under my feet.
I will burn the witches 
and the forests,
I will poison the breeding fish
in the overflowing seas
I father god will build a world
made of concrete and chamicals.
Whe does not resist me,
Why do I hear her laughter?
It threatens my order, my rule.

[part 2]

He is a jealous god,
Thou shalt have 
no other gods than he,
And in his lonely world
He will be strangled 
by his jealousy.

Isis and Nephys have gone
Selene sings a silent song,
And in his lonely world,
No life stirs - no life stirs.

He came down from the fire
and slew his ancient anemies
Women and children died
There were none left alive.

And now he rules the earth
Laughs at the pain of birth,
but lately starts to see,
the path of destiny.

Isis and Nephys return,
Persephone fills her sacred urn,
Selene sings her song
She sings us peace.

Brother god, 
brother god, 
open your arms,
Sister goddess loves you,
Let us augment each other 
and not diminish
each other at all,
So that together we can flow,
Like the river in Tao 


The weather
why is the weather the weather?
how is the weather?
it's hot, it's hot, 
it's very stormy
oh it's warm, 
getting warmer
getting warm! 
it's hot, it's very hot, 
it's so hot 
I'm going to sleep 
in the fridge

I'm cool, 
it's so cool
but getting hotter 


Was like wrestling
with a huge sausage
slippery and fat
a confetti of intentions
vacuumed inside its thick pink skin

I think about the infinite
but walk about 
in the shiny pink shoes
of today


this is your spirit speaking
down your telephone 
of ancient memories
this is your spirit calling
though it's hard to get a line,
it seems you're busy all the time.
But the overview is simply stunning
If you care to step my way.
Just remember I'm your lifeline,
Through the madness of the say.

this is your spirit calling
though I'm sometimes named as God.
spelt backward, 'dog', 
well, I like dogs,
God for that matter 
is a dog as much as a priest
and a priest is a tree 
and a tree is a church
but who wants stone churches anyway?
They are only our fears made rigid,
Hopes fixed in brick for the eternity 
of an artificial paradise 
full of righteous headmasters, 
policemen priests, and hollow women 
who have never'sinned'.

Hello, hello, your spirit speaking
The line just jammed, I wonder why?
are policemen priests still tapping it?
Trust your telephone of ancient memories
it has all the info past and present
and the truth of life's impermanence.
More seriously we take it 
all more silly we become, 
especially those headmasters 
hoping for a higher job.
They'd like to take over the job of god
but all life is god even to the dog
there's nowhere to go in that hierarchy
so let's get down to some serious play, 

your spirit signing off 

Gilli Smyth and daevid allen

Why does it have to 
be like this, he said.
He said, raising his voice
Through clenched teeth 
the bitter syllables drop
Remains the fiery eye 
There is no salve, love, 
love is no salve
Love is the silver mouths
that soak the hurt
that balance the upright tree.
The bedclothes of the afternoon 
stiff ghosts still play 
dead fists between the walls
of our extravagance.

He walks,
dumb bones in mumbled skin,
he is gone.

I sit,
Leaden head on iron hands,
he is gone.

The day is a burst balloon
and the house emply.

You stride endlessly 
down the road of rubber shreds
Kicking away the rags 
of the day's tattered jacket.

We have won,
We are together,
And yet,
And yet 


When the show is over 
all the people go home
When the people go home 
the lights are turned off,
The candles blown out, 
the curtains drawn 
Do our shiny images 
that we felt so deeply
hang in the smoke-filled 
silent air?

Are passionate words 
forgotten as the audience drifts 
into their individual dreams?
comfortable in their doonas, 
only half remembering what was said.
I want to shoot words 
like fast arrows 
swift and telling
or am I merely 
yet another entertainer?

My anger, my pain, 
my love are not pretence
It's my life, 
my life is what I say
I spread my life before you 
like a tinted photograph.

My life is the life of all women, 
all lovers, all mothers,
It does not end 
when the lights are turned off,
The door locked, 
candles put out,
And only the shadows of words 
hang in the air 


I am a witch

I help the grass to grow
I heal dogs
I speak to birds
particularly owls

I gather herbs on the full moon
flying high
I help you with your pain

I frighten patriarchs
I threaten those 
who wish to market the universe
so they burn the competition

I have been burned nine million times
and I am still alive

Now, is the time, for witches...