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Gong : Camembert Electrique

a stimulating bombardment of staccato beats and driving sax, held together with trippy space whispers, glissando guitar and unearthly messages from the planet Not Forgotten - Brian Droid, Backseat Mafia

pulsing signals

Gong : Pulsing Signals

Buzz | The Prog Aspect : a great document of the current band's credentials | an absolute corker, as good as any Gong album, classic line ups or otherwise, dare I say better in some respects…. - Mr Dibs

Gong Live at Longlaville

Gong Live at Longlaville

DMME : 'Despite all the touring GONG undertook in the 70s, the amount of the Daevid Allen's ensemble concert recordings from early days is criminally scarce.' | Amazon : a high quality soundboard recording of the band in evidently very well rehearsed top form

Gong Live at the Gong Family Unconventional Gathering

Gong Live at the Gong Family Unconventional Gathering

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Hip to the Jag

Kavus Torabi : Hip to the Jag

Moof : Sometimes poetic, sometimes surrealistic … juxtaposes 60s psychedelia with avant-garde experimental space rock in a limitless cosmic ambience.

The Universe Also Collapses

Gong : The Universe Also Collapses

The ever changing musical consortium that is Gong continue with their second album since the death of de facto head Pixie Daevid Allen. Now on their 37th line-up, the five current members - Kavus Torabi (vocals, guitar), Dave Sturt (bass), Ian East (saxophones, flute), Fabio Golfetti (guitars) and Cheb Nettles (drums) - are the latest musicians out of a total of 52 members that have graced Gong's stage and studio output. - DPRP

Tide of the Century

Tim Blake : Tide of the Century

All About The Rock : Blake in more of a pop/funk/prog mood. …isn't as bonkers as some of Tim's earlier works or collaborations. …focuses more on songs rather than epics. It's also more eclectic than his other solo albums. …contains elements of rap & reggae, which makes this album probably his most accessible to date.


Gong : Rejoice! I'm Dead!

Throughout the history of rock, many bands have had to cope with the untimely passing of a key member. It is, however, exceedingly rare to see a band's founder and leader choose their heir while still alive, leaving the band's future direction in that person's capable hands. Daevid Allen, aware that his days were numbered, and being unconventional to the end, did this with Gong, his beloved creation. - DPRP

I See You

Gong : I See You CD | 2LP

Room 13 : Gong return with a new line up and their first album since 2009 (2032) … an album that really deserves to be heard

Steve Hillage : L

TheMystical, Sputnik Music (4/5 stars) : rather more riff driven and grounded than the bubbly new age sound of its predecessor


Gong : 2032

*blogcritics : Of all the bands who have come and gone over the past 40 years, it is mind-boggling that Gong are still around. Their music was strange, their live appearances were infamous, and their psychedelic appetites were legendary.

Steve Hillage Band 2006

Steve Hillage Band : Live at the Gong Family Unconventional Gathering

*blogcritics : Twenty-seven years after their original disbanding, The Steve Hillage Band surprisingly reformed and played at the Gong Unconventional fan gathering in Holland. Accompanied by Miquette Giraudy (synths, vocals), Mike Howlett (bass), Chris Taylor (drums) and Basil Brooks (additional synths), the unconvention performance forms the bulk of this album. - DPRP (CD) | DPRP (DVD)

Daevid Allen & Euterpe: Good Morning!

John Kelman, All About Jazz : a surprisingly relaxed album of unexpected innocence and beauty

Germany 77

Steve Hillage Band : Germany 77

Wojciech Kapala, : Najprzyjemniejszą niespodzianką roku 2008 było dla mnie ukazanie się wreszcie w miarę pełnej wersji koncertu Steve'a Hillage'a, z cyklu "Rockpalast", zarejestrowanego dla niemieckiej stacji WDR w 1977.

Gong : Expresso II

Jane Suck, Sounds Funny I should mention Mahavishnu orchestra, 'cos but for the omnipresent xlophone and vibraphone, that is exactly what 'Expresso II' sounds like.

Gong : Gazeuse!

Dan Hedges, Sounds (3 stars - for a studio album not recreating the usual 4, 5 or 5+1/2 star live show vibe!?)

shamal deluxe

Gong : Shamal

Dan Hedges, Sounds : so rhythmically respectable that you can time your eggs to them