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daevid allen

Good Morning!

  1. Children of the New World
  2. Good Morning
  3. Spirit
  4. Song of Satisfaction
  5. Have You Seen My Friend?
  6. French Garden
  7. Wise Man in Your Heart
  8. She Doesn't She

Children of the New World Daevid Allen : Good Morning Intro Gbmaj7 Ab Bb C C Cdim5 Tell me what's it all about B B+ What is this funny old world that C C+ We can't do without C Tell me why we argue like we do. Am B7 We rob & rape & kill & still don't understand Am B7 We only rob ourselves Am B7 & then we wonder why we suffer like we do Am B7 soon we'll remember E & understand Esus4 E Esus4 THE CHILDREN OF THE NEW WORLD E Esus4 E Esus4 & THE DIFFERENT GAMES THEY PLAY A6 B cos we made love all the night time A B turned out to be the right time A B C now there's children everywhere Bridge (instrumental march)

French Garden Daevid Allen, "Good Morning" 'Je Ne Fume Pas Des Bananes' version misses second chord - only first and third are played. E---6--------------4------------3--------------------------- B---7--------------6------------5--------------------------- G---6--------------5------------5--------------------------- D---X--------------X------------X--------------------------- A---X--------------X------------X--------------------------- E---X--------------X------------X--------------------------- In a French garden by the sea Sitting up high in a hollow tree Looking round for a four leaf clover Waiting for an albatross to carry me over E A D B To see you there, sitting in your bed Be there, sitting in your bed E---5----------------4--------------------4----------------- B---5----------------4--------------------5----------------- G---6----------------5--------------------6----------------- D---7----------------4--------------------6----------------- A---7----------------6--------------------4----------------- E---5----------------4--------------------4----------------- You gotta prove you're a millionaire, they search you for thoughts and they measure your hair, they say it all depends upon the clothes you wear E-------6----------------------7-----------------8---------- B-------6----------------------9-----------------8---------- G-------7----------------------9-----------------9---------- D-------8----------------------9----------------10---------- A-------6----------------------7----------------10---------- E-------6----------------------7-----------------8---------- The clothes you wear - who knows you there