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Gong UnConventional Gathering 2006

23 reasons to be there

  1. the original classic GONG line-up for the first time since 1977, including Steve Hillage and Miquette Giraudy.
  2. for the first time since 1979, the illustrious Steve Hillage Band - iconic guitar from everyone's favourite electric gypsy.
  3. daevid Allen 'unplugged' set with friends from more than 45 years of musical magic
  4. beguiling jazz elegance from the Hadouk Trio of Didier Malherbe, Loy Ehrlich and Steve Shehan
  5. authentic synthesizer wizard Tim Blake along with Jean-Philippe Rykiel piloting their Crystal Machine through Waterfalls in Space.
  6. the deep feminine aspect of Mother Gong featuring Gilli Smyth, Didier Malherbe, Gwyo Zepix, Orlando Allen
  7. Saturday night in 'The Max' with System 7, Eat Static and live DJ sets from psy-trance enchanters Slack Baba and Purusha
  8. the immaculate, galactic funk voyages of House of Thandoy with Mike Howlett, Steve Higgins, Steve Cassidy, Theo Travis
  9. one time only, time-warping sounds of the Glissando Guitar Ensemble spotlighting major practitioners of the art
  10. Acid Mothers Gong, featuring Yoshida Tatsuya (Acid Mothers Temple), daevid allen and Gilli Smyth
  11. Toolshed 'Lite' = Graham Massey (808 State) and Graham Clark hosting the improvisor's dream session in the 'Old Hall' on Saturday
  12. space-rocking, free festival powerhouse band Here & Now
  13. daevid allen's University of Errors transform early Soft Machine songs into glittering, spikey guitar-driven jewels of sound
  14. Kangaroo Moon - electro squelchy celtic-aboriginal folkadelic
  15. Zorch - the sublime sounds of the UK's first ever synthesizer band
  16. remember and celebrate the recently departed dear Gong drummers Pierre Moerlen and Pip Pyle
  17. relax in the Old Hall, our "Green Room for everyone" in the Melkweg, host of fabled Gong gigs in the seventies, and model for daevid Allen's inner and outer temple symbolism in the 'Radio Gnome Invisible' mythology.
  18. the magnificent clarity of a Funktion-One 'Resolution 5' speaker system with added Ambisonic surround sound, installed especially for this event and piloted by John Newsham
  19. try and unravel the symbolism of the specially created decor by Liquid Elf and marvel at the Gong synchronous light magician that is Jasper of Colour Sound Experiment
  20. hundreds of Gongsters from dozens of countries who already booked their places on the ultimate Flying Teapot trip
  21. be together with the entire Gong Global Family, including original sound and light-men Venux De Luxe, David Id, Wiz de Courbe, Grant Showbiz and the rest of the crew
  22. because there may never be another time… unless it's the next time?
  23. well, that's your own secret reason