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Gong UnConventional Gathering
Acid Mothers Gong
be alarmed and enchanted
what this?:  Completely unpredictable, supercharged, lunatic improv rock as Gong and the Acid Mothers Temple meld. It doesn't get more truly psychedelic.
more:  AMG carry and expand on the free-jazz roots of early Gong, gathering up faded, de-valued threads of psychedelic rock and fashion new and evermore outrageous garments. Always going where others fear to tread - as it has always been - the Gong/Acid Mothers Temple marriage has resulted in some of the most electric 'Gong Family' gigs of the past 20 years.
acid mothers gong:  daevid allen - Gong
gilli smyth - Gong
josh pollock - University of Errors
kawabata makoto - Acid Mothers Temple
higashi hiroshi - Acid Mothers Temple
yoshida tatsuya - Acid Mothers Temple
tsuyama atsushi - Acid Mothers Temple
when & where:  Friday in the Max - headline act
selected releases:  AMG-Live in Nagoya, AMG-Live in Tokyo, AMT-IAO Chant from the Cosmic Inferno
forthcoming gigs:  daevid will be joining with the AMT in Japan for 3 or 4 gigs in October on the way over to the 2006 Unconvention. Details soon.

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