planet gong tribal

Gong UnConventional Gathering
the vision begins to form
coordinator : Jonny Greene GAS
switch doctors : David Id, IdSound; Venux de Luxe; Grant Showbiz, John Newsham, Funktion-One
sound reinforcement : Funktion-One is bringing in a full-on Resolution bsp;5 system to demo in 'The Max' hall for the week of our event. Every chance of this being far and away the best Gong sound of all time. Many thanks to all involved.
stage managers : Mickey English, Ted Duggan
lighting : Jasper (Colour Sound Experiment); Wiz de Courbe, original Gong illuminator
decor : Liquid Elf
performance art : Thomas Anfield + David Bircham : Momo and Poppi
art installations : Thomas Anfield + David Bircham : Peace for Pierre (Moerlen) and Pip (Pyle)
recording : AVP : Harry Williamson, liaison
tech : Giles Isaac, main stage
contributions : Brian Jardine (promotional materials)
transport : Jumbocruiser, Bristol

pay no attention to the man behind the curtain…