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Gong UnConventional Gathering
…good afternoon…
what's this?  What do I need to say…?!
imagery:  gong
more:  All of the 'classic' 1974 Gong band line-up still with us on the physical plane with the 'Zero To Infinity' master drummer Chris Taylor. The band will be in rehearsal the week before the Uncon and there are currently no plans to repeat this very special event.
gong:  daevid allen - guitar, vocals
gilli smyth - spacewhisper, vocals
steve hillage - guitar, vocals
tim blake - synths, vocals
didier malherbe - sax, flutes
miquette giraudy - synths, vocals
mike howlett - bass
chris taylor - drums
when & where:  Sunday in the Max - headliners
selected releases:  Angel's Egg, You
forthcoming gigs:  None - only appearing at the 2006 Unconvention

er? um? ommmmmmm…