gong mandalaplanet gong tribal
Gong UnConventional Gathering
Here & Now
is floating anarchy
what's this?  a fab plus-foursome of a different colour?
imagery:  always a friendly face in a crowdsteffe and keithjoie static
more:  Regarded by some as 'the most underestimated band in the world', Here & Now continue to seek the inspirational grail that is perfect synchronisation in an improvised context. Or, to put it another way, have you ever seen a jam-pot explode? Sometimes they even play proper tunes…
here & now:  keith bailey (Planetgong, Gong) - bass, vocals - 'keith da bass'; always a friendly face in a crowd…
steffe lewry (Gong) - guitar, vocals - 'professor sharpstrings'
steve cassidy (House of Thandoy) - drums - 'stevie one dread'
joie hinton (Eat Static) - keyboards, synths - 'joie static' ("is that what they call me?")
when & where:  Friday in the Max - penultimacy…
selected releases:  UFOasis

…the only way to be…