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Gong UnConventional Gathering
House of Thandoy
what's this?: psychedelic power trio - modal space moves and flying funk grooves
imagery:  house of thandoy, live at the royal festival hall, london
more:  A sizzling random access groove ensemble featuring bolt-on guest performers such as sax man Theo Travis, playing modes of expanding themes, tactile trance and cosmic trips. Current and former members of Gong, Karmakanix and Here & Now distill trance-formational entrainment journeys for intrepid travellers, from post-organic contrapuntal lines and deep float…
h of thandoy:  mike howlett (Gong) - bass, vocals
steve higgins (Thandoy, Karmakanix, Glissando Orchestra) - electric guitar, vocals
steve cassidy (Here & Now) - drums
theo travis (Gong) - sax and flute
when & where:  Sunday in the Max - starters…
selected releases:  House of Thandoy - on Invisible Music, on Planet Gong