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Gong UnConventional Gathering 2006
the vision begins to form
Gong  ♥  daevid allen, gilli smyth, steve hillage, miquette giraudy, tim blake, didier malherbe, mike howlett, chris taylor + guests
Steve Hillage Band  ♥  steve hillage, miquette giraudy, mike howlett, chris taylor
System 7  ♥  steve hillage, miquette giraudy
Crystal Machine  ♥  tim blake + jean-philippe rykiel's 'waterfalls in space'
daevid allen unplugged  ♥  daevid allen, graham clark, mark robson + others tba
Hadouk Trio  ♥  didier malherbe, loy ehrlich, steve shehan
Mother Gong  ♥  gilli smyth, didier malherbe, orlando allen, Gwyo Zepix, tim hall + others tba
Acid Mothers Gong  ♥  daevid allen, gilli smyth, josh pollock, kawabata makoto, higashi hiroshi, yoshida tatsuya, atsushi tsuyama
University of Errors  ♥  daevid allen, josh pollock, michael clare, warren heugel
Kangaroo Moon  ♥  mark robson, david williams, elliet mackrell, jerry bewley, ian campell, nick marshall
Here & Now  ♥  keith tha bass, steffe, steve cassidy, joie hinton
House of Thandoy  ♥  mike howlett, steve higgins, steve cassidy + theo travis
  ♥  Harry Williamson
Eat Static  ♥  merv pepler, joie hinton
Toolshed lite  ♥  graham massey, graham clark,
Slack Baba  ♥  jonny 'baba'
Purusha  ♥  chris turner
Glissando Guitar Ensemble  ♥  daevid allen, steve hillage, steffe, brian abbott, fabio golfetti + others tba
Zorch  ♥  Gwyo Zepix, basil brooks
Sacred Geometry  ♥  mikey 'micro' cosmic, daevid allen + guests
Electric Guru  ♥  Chris Cambridge
  ♥  Cyndee Lee Rule
Osmosis  ♥  Jackie Juno
Master of Ceremonies  ♥  thom the world poet
plus  ♥  book launch, performance painting, impromptu wedding, sporadic butoh…
switch doctors:  ♥  David Id, Venux de Luxe, Grant Showbiz, John Newsham, Funktion-One
YOU  ♥  are i and i am you and…

so many more details to come…
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