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Gong UnConventional Gathering 2006


daevid allen, gilli smyth, steve hillage, miquette giraudy, tim blake, didier malherbe, mike howlett, chris taylor, guests

all of the classic 1974 band still with us on the physical plane

Steve Hillage Band
steve hillage, miquette giraudy, mike howlett, chris taylor

live for the first time since 1979!

System 7
steve hillage, miquette giraudy

deepest grooves fold time and space and we all spiral upwards… always at the forefront of the techno/trance scene, ever evolving, forward moving and uplifting - 10 albums and countless mixes and 12-inches surf the dance genres with innovative beats, sonic textures and atmospheres, and connected consciousness

Crystal Machine 'Waterfalls in Space'
Tim Blake + Jean-Philippe Rykiel last appeared together on stage headlining Glastonbury Festival in 1979
daevid allen unplugged
daevid allen, graham clark, mark robson, others tba

electro-acoustic melange of solo songs with an ever changing cast of musical mates

Hadouk Trio
didier malherbe, loy ehrlich, steve shehan

one of the most sublime bands ever born out of Gong - instrumentation which must be seen to be believed

Mother Gong
gilli smyth, didier malherbe, orlando allen, Gwyo Zepix, tim hall + others tba

transformative flowing melodic space-jazz, world music edge, quirky political goddess sensibility

Acid Mothers Gong
daevid allen, gilli smyth, josh pollock, kawabata makoto, higashi hiroshi, Tatsuya Yoshida, Tsuyama Atsushi

alarmingly enchanting supercharged lunatic improv rock fashioning new and evermore outrageous garments from faded de-valued threads, always going where others fear

University of Errors
daevid allen, josh pollock, michael clare, warren heugel

Wide-ranging sentient rock perspectives flown on world class guitar angularity. Born of an impromptu recording session in San Francisco in 1998, daevid allen himself likens University of Errors to the early Soft Machine, of which he was a founding member in 1966. Indeed, their most recent release, Jet Propelled Photograph represents both a faithful and fresh re-interpretation of the essential material, rounding out their three earlier original releases, Money Doesn't Make It, e2x10=tenure, and the critically acclaimed Ugly Music for Monica.

Kangaroo Moon
mark robson, david williams, elliet mackrell, jerry bewley, ian campell, nick marshall

the jammingest band around, uniting rhythmic body and melodic soul in deep, ecstatically elemental and hemi-demi-semi-spherical twirl, organically synthesizing world, rock and folk, instrumental and vocal, acoustic and electronic, Celtic and Australian aboriginalities in an alchemical epiphany of original and traditional tunes

Here & Now
keith tha bass, steffe, steve cassidy, joie hinton

ever seen a jam-pot explode? 'the most underestimated band in the world' seeks holy grail of perfect synchronisation in an improvised context (sometimes they even play proper tunes)

House of Thandoy
mike howlett, steve higgins, steve cassidy, theo travis

psychedelic power trio, trance-formational entrainment journeys for intrepid travellers - modal space moves, flying funk grooves, expanding themes, tactile trance, modal cosmic trips, post-organic contrapuntal lines, deep float

Harry Williamson
Eat Static
merv pepler, joie hinton

storming full power trance

Toolshed lite
graham massey, graham clark
Slack Baba
transcendental electronica

cross-genre melting pot of fluid grooves, swirling psychedelic melodies, dubby phatness, a labyrinth of pulsing rhythms and mind-altering sonic states, sound manipulation, organic instrumentation

co-founder and resident DJ at the legendary Cabbage events in Leeds

psychedelic trance stompers, chilled progressive grooves

Glissando Guitar Ensemble
daevid allen, steve hillage, steffe, brian abbott, fabio golfetti, steve higgins, others tba?

the gliss, the whole gliss and nothing but the gliss - some of the most experienced gliss guitar players in the world

Gwyo Zepix, basil brooks
Sacred Geometry
mikey 'micro' cosmic, daevid allen + guests

first appearance in this hemisphere! 4D mystery design, luscious glissando guitar and synthesizer soundscapes, raga-like sensibility

Electric Guru
Chris Cambridge
Cyndee Lee Rule
Jackie Juno
Master of Ceremonies
thom the world poet
book launch, performance painting, impromptu wedding, sporadic butoh…
switch doctors
David Id, Venux de Luxe, Grant Showbiz, John Newsham, Funktion-One