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Gong UnConventional Gathering
Mother Gong 2006
she is the mother of everything
what's this?  Transformative flowing melodic, space-jazz with a world music edge and a quirky, politically aware Goddess sensibility.
imagery:  ???
more:  Latest of a long line of Mothergong bands and one of the undoubted 'hits' of the 2005 Uncon. Gilli and Didier have played together forever, there is no more sympathetically attuned and adept musician than Didier when it comes to translating Gilli words and essence into flowing melodies. Add to that the wonderful almost instantly telepathic rhythm section of Orlando Allen and Tim Hall and Zorch keyboard/synthi mystro/maestro, Gwyo Zepix, and you have some band.
mothergong:  gilli smyth - spacewhisper, vocals
didier malherbe - flutes, doudouk
orlando allen - drums
Gwyo Zepix - synths, keyboards
tim hall - bass, vocals
when & where:  Friday in the Max
selected releases:  I Am Your Egg, Parade, Glastonbury '79-'81, Best Of Mothergong
forthcoming gigs:  Dates in Norway in Sept/Oct. Details soon.

and you are her egg…