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Gong UnConventional Gathering
what's this?: Chris (Purusha) is co-founder and resident DJ at the legendary Cabbage events in Leeds.
more:  Chris is best known for supplying psychedelic trance stompers, but also delivers chilled and progressive grooves. He also plays guitar and synths with O.V.N.I. (alongside Pascal Eloy) and has just co-produced a track with Seb Taylor (Shakta/Kaya Project). Chris is currently working on a remix for Loonaloop (ex. Tribal Drift).

Cabbage has been running since 1998, and although primarily known as a 'dance' event, it's also been a platform for various Gong Family acts over the years, such as Kangaroo Moon and Mark Robson (solo), Visitation (Steffe and Cheryl), System 7, Mirror System and Eat Static.

purusha:  Chris 'Purusha' The Cabbage, Leeds)
when & where:  Saturday in the Max - second warm-up
selected releases:  forthcoming releases to be announced…

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