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Gong UnConventional Gathering
conditions of entry
what you need to know
passports:  are now required for UK subjects travelling abroad. If you have a passport, best find it now and make certain it will not expire before you arrive home.
conditions of entry:  rights of admission reserved
there is a lower age limit of 16 earth years.
you agree to being filmed and recorded - smile!
wristbands will allow you to come and go, watch Amsterdam revolve, etc… tag and release!
be advised:  strobes, ultra violet (UV) lighting and smoke effects may be in use
there may be high sound pressure levels
smoking is permitted in the Max and the Old Hall
there is a staffed cloakroom - 1 euro per item
levitation through musical vibration is not harmful to one's health - the exact opposite in fact
please:  no 'hard drugs' may be sold, used or brought into the venue
no pyrotechnic, laser, firework effects or devices
no animals
no knives or weapons or any thing that can be construed as a weapon
no professional cameras or recording equipment
food & drink:  no cans, glass bottles or containers, etc
food or drink purchased outside the venue may not be consumed inside
there is a restaurant/cafe inside the venue which also offers vegetarian and vegan food
bars prices are very reasonable
disclaimers:  schedule and lineups subject to change without notice
disclaimers:  sorry, no ticket cancellations can be accepted once tickets are issued, or on orders received after Monday, 2nd October (30 days prior to the event).

you know the way to be…