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Gong UnConventional Gathering
Sacred Geometry
a 4D mystery design
what's this?  Luscious Gliss guitar and synth soundscapes, often with a raga-like sensibility
imagery:  Sacred Geometry 1Sacred Geometry 2
more:  The very popular Sacred Geometry CD project developed in Australia out of informal jams between daevid and mikey and has produced some of the most laid-back and blissed-out of Gong Family gliss based music. Their unique performance will be the first to be experienced live on this side of the Planet.
sacred geometry:  daevid allen (Gong)
mikey 'micro' cosmic
when & where:  Saturday in the Old Hall
selected releases:  Sacred Geometry, Sacred Geometry II
forthcoming gigs:  None - only appearing at the 2006 Unconvention

soundwaves of exploration…