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Gong UnConventional Gathering 2006


daevid allen
a chance to say thank you to YOU WOLFIE for all the tireless energy you have put into gong for many many years!!! (big lovin hug!)
a chance to say thank you to JONNY & CHRIS!!….&.everybody else for makin UNCON happen so far
a chance to check out where we are all at for 2007
a chance to be friendly, helpful & chilled out instead of jumpy, grumpy & spun out.
a chance to play some beautiful music with my nearest & dearest cohorts from the 20th century for my many gonglovin chums in the 21stC
a chance to gently kiss & make up with all those poor sausages I might have fried during my dreaded (post huge gong tour 2001 burnout) hangover
a massive party with my favourite fun friends in the world we call earth & from the planet we call gong a chance to come home with enough money to buy another old banger so i don't have to hitch to the shops
a chance to remain completely unattached to any of this being as i imagine ….

dada alien sept 4 2007

Thom the Poet
UNCOM=extraterrestrial familiar gathering o tribes of art n sweaty musos in a collaborative bucket of fish net stockings Amsterdam style plus this fool moon poet
Michael Clare, daevid allen's University of Errors
…the only way i can see to save the planet earth is to imagine the planet gong and start over…
Venus de Luxe
The celebration of a new life 36 years ago - Thank you daevid - (Semprinifingertips du bout des doigts du boudoir, alias Venux)
Merv Pepler, Eat Static
…like coming full circle as Gong were the band i had my first psychedelic experiences to and made me want to explore brave new worlds in music rather than settle for the bland that is the norm
David Id
Seemingly seamless and endless lists of channels that refuse to stay in place,
Morphing plans of people on stage ever changing face…
Delicate juggling of frayed personas,
Striving to maintain some kind of balance…
All mixed up with a joyous anticipation of old friends and co-souls reunited,
All under one banner once more producing pure mystical music to remind us of…
Why we Where we are…
A rejuvenation of spirit to offset the downward spiral of the poor ol' blue planet
And colour things a bit more GREEN…
Brian Abbott
to me the un-con means 'community'
Nick Marshall, Kangaroo Moon
a magical, mystical, mischevious musical extravanganza; a union of souls deep in the weave of harmonic bliss - bigger, better and brighter than ever this time around - a once in a lifetime dream… see you there!! peace
Jackie Juno
A once-in-a-lifetime shindig which will be history in the making!
Thomas Anfield
what the gong unconvention means to me; by hook or by crook, it will be!
Chris Purusha
Gong (and family) has been a huge influence and inspiration in so many ways for me. Being able to contribute to this very special event alongside so many of the friends I've made over the years is a great privilege. See you in Amsterdam!
Micro Cosmic:
imagine a huge gong mandala unbrella. coveriing the whole of the melkweg …look up and see the luminicent colours shine through the roof of the invisible temple …close your eyes look deep into the darkness and find the inner.mandala see how it pulsates as the music plays ….welcome aboard the mothership… enjoy the ride…