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The Ancient Problem With Men

Bruce Garrard

219 page perfect-bound paperback

The prehistoric origins of patriachy and social oppression. Some long considered questions addressed.

Once, before the great cultural advances of 35,000 years ago, before the technological developments which made life possible through the last ice age, before the beginnings of farming, before the neolithic 'revolution', before the first towns, before the first cities, there was one basic reality to human life. And afterwards there was the farmer and the herder, the European and the Asiatic, the 'matrist' and the 'patrist', the hunter-gatherer and modern civilisation.

The key element of this change was the emergence of patriarchy - rule by men - along with oppressive social structures, and warfare. How and why this came about is a question which the academic establishment has failed to answer. We are still living with the myth, left over from nineteenth century preconceptions, that 'primitive man' was brutish, sexist and lacking in culture. This is quite untrue. Patriarchy, and the injustices and cruelties which have come with it, is not natural to human beings. It has only been a significant force in society since about 4,000 BC.

The myth has been dispelled to some extent by recent work which highlights the Goddess Culture of neolithic Europe. Its demise at the hands of warrior invaders from the East is well described - but with no explanation as to why this came about, nor what caused such a warrior culture to come into being. This book carries the discussion forward by presenting a fresh exploration of human origins: not only our physical evolution but also the economic, cultural and psychological aspects of our development. The results are both intriguing and hopeful.

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