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Free State

Bruce Garrard

Glastonbury's alternative community 1970 to 2000 and beyond.

390 page perfect bound paperback. Dozens photographs and illustrations.

The detailed story of the sometimes fraught, always thought provoking, entertaining and often decidedly strange development of Glastonbury's alternative community over the past 40 years. Part celebratory blueprint of how we can be, part black-box recorder of what the heck happened? In short - an inspiring paean to maverick individuality in service to anarchic collectivism at a unique location in time and space. Wot?

This book is the story of Glastonbury's alternative community, and its growth since the late 1960s when the first 'flower people' began to arrive in the fabled Vale of Avalon. Today perhaps a third of the town's population, and more than a third of its High Street shops, have come as part of this extraordinary influx.

As with many small country towns, Glastonbury's traditional market economy has all but disappeared. What has replaced it, however, is very different from anything that has happened elsewhere.

This change has been a fascinating process, full of side-plots and sub-plots, struggles, conflicts, excitement and fun. It is chronicled here by someone who has taken part in much of it and who remains enthusiastic - after more than 40 years - about the on-going results of what has happened.

The nearby summer festival that has taken on Glastonbury's name is well known; but this is only one strand of the story. The town itself has its own tale that has been waiting to be told. Here it is.

Some of it answers long-standing questions, some of it is surprising, and all of it put together makes a difference in the world.

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